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Mexican-American War

A study of the Mexican-American war by looking at the conflict from the perspective of each side

Andrew Smith

on 27 September 2018

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Transcript of Mexican-American War

From Each Country's Perspective
The Mexican-American War
The Mexican-American War
Note the disputed territory
From America's Perspective
In 1821, Mexico allowed Americans to move into Texas in order to encourage settlement of the area.
By 1834, over 30,000 Americans lived in Texas. There were 7,500 Mexicans
The Americans expected the same liberties from the Mexican government as they had from the American one.
Texas War of Independence
In 1836 war broke out between Americans in Texas and the Mexican government
After several months of fighting, and the loss at the Alamo, the Texans won and became and independent country.
But its
border was
still disputed
Manifest Destiny
The belief held among many Americans of the 1800s that America's borders should stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Frequently there was a religious aspect to this belief. Some stated that God wanted America to cover all of North America.
Attacks from Mexico continued and in 1845 Texas asked America to annex Texas as a state and protect it from Mexico.
In order to expand America into the west and to protect Texans from Mexico, Congress approved the annexation and an army was sent to Texas.
Fighting began along the disputed border which escalated into a full war in 1846.
America sent a delegation to Mexico offering to buy California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, parts of Colorado, and the disputed part of Texas for $30 million. Mexico refused.
The Result
Mexico lost when an American army captured Mexico City.
Mexico gave up all of the territories requested by America and agreed to the American version of the Texas border
America now had clear access to the Pacific
Your Assignment:
Split a piece of paper into 2 columns, left and right
In the left column list 5 reasons America had to go to war with Mexico. Why was America "right?"
From Mexico's Perspective
In 1821 Mexico allowed Americans to move into Texas in order to settle their northern territories. They hoped that settlers would defend Mexico's northern border against Comanche Indian raids
The Americans came and brought 5,000 slaves with them. There were almost more slaves than Mexicans (7,500) in Texas
In 1830 Mexico abolished slavery. Americans simply changed the status of their slaves to "indentured servants."
The Americans kept their loyalty to America even though they were in Mexico. They expected the Mexican government to treat them as the American government would.
When they did not, the Texans began to rebel against the Mexican authorities.
Revolt in Texas
Mexico responded to a rebellion within its own borders by sending troops
They were defeated by Texan rebels and Mexico was forced to sign a peace treaty 1836. Mexico did NOT recognize Texas' independence.
The rebels were not allowed to declare their own boundaries and Mexico disputed where the border between Texas and Mexico was
Mexican army patrols in Mexico had frequent fights with Texan rebels.
America's Annexation of Mexican Territory
In 1845 Texas asked America to annex sovereign Mexican territory.
An American army was sent into Mexico to the Rio Grande River.
Then an American official was sent to Mexico City to buy almost half of Mexico for $30 million.
No Mexican government could give up that land without a revolt from its people
Before the War
After the War
Your Assignment
Give 5 reasons on the right side of the page supporting Mexico's decisions leading up to the war with America
Then write an essay, complete with an opening, 3 body paragraphs, and a closing. You need to answer the question:
Which side was "right" and which side was "wrong" and why You must use at least 3 pieces of evidence that you already listed.

Opening Paragraph (who was wrong and who was right)
Body paragraph with first reason
Body paragraph with second reason
Body paragraph with third reason
Closing paragraph stating your opinion again

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