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Troll face jokes

This is a funny preview about how i love jokes on the internet. Enjoy the prezi stalk me----> instagram: chilinger11 email: lorisheld@bsnstudent.nl snapchat:chilinger11

Loris Held

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of Troll face jokes

Troll face jokes
The ultimate
Troll jokes
The end
i would like to thank all the people who went through this and who enjoyed it. again dont forget to check out on images (google) the troll face jokes
and that was one of the most funny (troll face) jokes that i have took a picture in my gallery now lets see what the other 2 funny troll face jokes there are
Another trick
More and more
now lets move on to some more troll face jokes that i found out on google ohh and by the way check out these pictures on safari. you just type troll face jokes and then a whole bunch appears
I declare WAR
and that was about the polution of what we produce with cars and how to solve it so that less polution affects the earth
Infinity jokes
Video games
first there is a man saying "whats your favorite game baby" the baby replies "counter strike" the man looks at him very weirdly which made the baby change its mind saying "Mario, Mario!"
Irony between both
I declare WAR (2)
Gender (she failed)
Medicine and chocolat
LOL (freinds)
yeah... UMAD?
Gerald ikazoboh
my friend gerald, in the middle is his father (showing off on google) on the left there is 'anonymous' and to the right is the friend of gerald who is called jack and is a pathetic idiot of putting himself on google even when i put gerald
Ultimate +
and last but not least

creator: loris held
application: prezi
images by: loris held
basically all the rest will have loris held written on it
hope you've enjoyed
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