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Ferdinand Magelan - Renaissance Assignment

No description

Tanisha Foulkes

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Ferdinand Magelan - Renaissance Assignment

Tanisha 8A Ferdinand Magellan Ferdinand Magellan Ferdinand Magellan Magellan was an explorer and navigator; he was the first person to circumnavigate the world. He proved that the world is not flat but is round, a popular belief in the renaissance period of time. He also discovered the Strait of Magellan which is found at the Southern tip of South America. This strait allows any traders to easily sail from Asia to Europe. Magellan's Voyage Magellan set sail on his very own voyage in 1519. He planned to sail around the world for his own sake and also to prove a very important point. The point was to show people that the world was circular not flat, a very popular belief in the renaissance period of time. When 1520 arrived, Magellan saw a penguin and named it the 'Magellan Penguin'. In this year, he also saw a dwarf galaxy. In 1520, Magellan also found and sailed down a strait that granted easy access, for any traders in that time, from Asia to Europe. He named it 'Magellan Strait'. Ferdinand Magellan's Death In 1521, Magellan sailed across the broad Pacific Ocean and landed his fleet of ships and his crew just outside of Asia in Guam. Later in this year, a very dreadful thing happened, Ferdinand Magellan died at the age of 41. He died in the Battle of Mactan. The Battle of Mactan was on the Mactan Islands in the Philippines. The End Result In 1800, the dwarf galaxy that Ferdinand Magellan found was actually named after him. The galaxy was named the 'Magellan Clouds' in his honor. In 2019, it is the 500 year mark and historians are planning a very special celebration. Smaller celebrations are being planned around the world as well. Ferdinand Magellan Born in 1480 Died on 27th April 1521 Died at 41 Images of Magellan and his ships Ferdinand Magellan Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480. At the age of 10, Magellan's parents died and he became an orphan. Magellan was given the job as the Queen's Messenger at the age of 12 in 1492. Childhood When Magellan was 25, in 1505, he sailed with Portugal's first admiral, Francisco de Almedia. In 1511, Magellan went on another sailing expedition but he went to Melaka this time. The Portuguese conquered Melaka on that trip. Ferdinand Magellan started planning his very own expedition in 1512, seeking help from the Spanish because the Portuguese would not finance his voyage. Magellan's Ships Continue In 1522, Magellan's ships continued without him and they returned home that year as well. At the start of Magellan's voyage there were 5 ships and roughly 250 men, when they returned, there was 1 ship and roughly 18 men left.
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