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No description

Zachary Smith

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Magnetism

Eliminates some errors and confusion
Vertical Card Magnetic Compass
When on an easterly or westerly heading and the aircraft accelerates, the compass will show a false turn towards the north. When the aircraft decelerates, the compass will indicate a turn to the south
Compass Errors
Earth's Magnetic Field
History of the
Rotated by gears from shaft-mounted magnet
Flux Gate Compass System
- Drives slaved gyros
- Small segmented ring of soft iron that accepts magnetic flux
- Current flow changes as heading of aircraft changes
- Three coils connected to smaller coils in a synchro
- Synchro rotates the dial of radio magnetic indicator (RMI) or horizontal situation inicator (HSI)
Remote Indicating Compass
- Developed to compensate for the errors and limitations of the older type of heading indicators
- Two components: pictorial navigation indicator, and the slaving control and compensator unit
- Pictorial navigation indicator referred to as an HSI
- A separate unit, the magnetic slaving transmitter is mounted remotely; usually in a wingtip
By: Victor L. Perez, Zachary Smith, Jake Glenn, Robert Lindgren, and Mitchell Nex
Before the Compass
Navigation by use of
stars and landmarks
Difficult with bad weather
The First Compass
Expansion of Use
Europe and
the Middle East
Sailing during
the Winter
Dry Compass
1885 England
Liquid Compass
Fields run South to North
when on a northerly heading and a turn towards the east or west is made, the magnet causes the compass to lag behind the actual heading the aircraft is flying through
Originate from magnetic south
Produced by the Earth's core spinning
Compasses are constructed with a pivot point that allows the bowl to tilt about 18 degrees in most compasses. after 18 degrees it will touch the side of the casing. When this happens its freedom to rotate is lost and the compass becomes unreliable
Core is composed of a iron-nickel alloy
Same temperature as the surface of the sun yet remains solid
Compasses align themselves with the Earth's magnetic field
The Earth's Core
Magnetic Fields
The Compass and Magnetism
Different variation across the world
Caused by difference between magnetic and true north
Magnetic anomalies occur around the world
Typically found near high concentrations of magnetic alloys
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