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Dream Job Presentation- Jhonen Vasquez

No description

Francisco Barron

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of Dream Job Presentation- Jhonen Vasquez

Jhonen Vasquez Degree-Bachelor of Fine Arts Comic book creator Jhonen Vasquez is a professional comic book artist, creator of a number of
alternative comics, such as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, I Feel Sick, Fillerbunny, Bad Art Collection, and Squee!, which were all published by Slave Labor Graphics. He also was in charge in the creation of Invader Zim. I was inspired by Jhonen's artworks since high school and got an opportunity to meet
him in person. The dark comedy style, insane ironic characters and satirical elements
were the key factors of a new genre in comic books in which I admired. Jhonen Vasquez was born September 1, 1974 (age 36) in San Jose, California. He attended Mount Pleasant High School, where he often spent much of his class time drawing in sketchbooks. Taking part in a contest to design a new look for his school's mascot, the Cardinal, he submitted an entry that the judges rejected. On the back of a preliminary drawing for the contest, he drew his first sketch of the character who would later become Johnny C. After graduating in 1992, Vasquez went on to become a film student at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. Though he had little formal artistic training, he soon dropped out of De Anza to pursue a career as a professional cartoonist. He met Roman Dirge at the Alternative Press Expo in 1995 were he wasmotivated to use his drawings at Slave Labor Graphics and he accepted. By September 1996, he had reached sufficient success in his artistic career to be able to quit his day-job and devote himself full-time to his art. As of today, Jhonen is one of the best independent comic book creators in the industry. Interview took place via email...aww i wanted to use Skype ( he didn't want to) 5 questions were ask to this guy--> 1). You are a very interesting character. Based on your life, what inspired you to create comics? " Thanks for the intro. I really needed that since I had a pretty suckish morning. Ha. Anyway, drawing has started as a pastime. It wasn't until my brother started collecting "Ninja Turtles" comics that something switched over in my head. To me, there was something just so different about those books that I DID start to obsess over them – the way the books felt dirtier in my hands, the filthy artwork and hero characters that never seemed healed over from their last battles. There was a sense of person just behind the printed page that I had never felt before, a thinner separation from production to my hands and eyes that just fired hooks out into me. It felt unsafe, ya know? It's like, the book itself was less removed from the initial moment a creator is excited about having just come up with some great idea to when they finally finish a thing, nice and polished and just a little dulled from before the thing was just another book. To me, anyhow. It's just what I interpreted the experience like, and I'm sure to a lot of people it was just a book about big mutant turtles. In fact, this is just where I got introduced into the medium." 2). Your artwork has been criticized as too
violent and sometimes plain mediocre. Did you decided this tone in comics baeds on your life or on satire revolving the media today? " My work has never reached the limit where it is too violent or too disturbing. Sure, JTHM and Squee! reach a point of gruesome graphics, but under certain circumstances. If you have seen my printed work, I may have overreated but it is just an example anyone here at Slave Labor can relate to. However, mediocre as anyone says, I agree not. On a lighter tone, most characters originated during periods of my life, like Happy Noodle Boy in high school, yet are based on effects on the world today. The mix of satire in comics is the same medium used in books and can be introduced to a much vivid enviroment." 3). Just out of curiosity, of all success in your career, which is the best of your work? " That's not hard at all. I had an amazing time with Johnny, which of course was my first 'gig'. Along with the patience of SLG and the annoyance of fans, I created a masterpiece that I don't regret. Still, it will never be the same as Invader Zim. I HATE woking with a lot of people." (chuckles) 4). What would you recommend a
student who is on its way to earn a
BFA in animation, even though I'm
heading toward a graphic design major? " First of all, impressed to see you pursuing a
double major. Wow, I'm terrible at this stuff.
Let's see... there is one thing I would suggest. If you are passionate on the field of animation, you go for it. Don't just stick to one career. Take me for example, I went to film studies but left it for my love, comics. It did not go into my record, that's for sure! From my point of view aim toward your goal. (Warned you about how I'm terrible at this.)" 5). Thanks for the advice. Are there any future projects hidden from publicity? " The Bad Art Collection will come to an end very soon, but I
have to leave everythig in the darkness for now. I need a break...and a snowcone." This interview was what I could expect from this person.From what you could see, Jhonen Vasquez is one interesting character to know, not only by his crazy comics, but by his sadistic behavior at some times. Other than what mentiooned above, this interview affect me in the good way...who knows...I might be crazy enough to make a comic about a 12-inch teddy bear eating all the people I have hate in my life...
My professional goals=
Finish these 4 years of college and graduate (again)
Hope to pursue a career in animation and maybe get a chance
at SLG or at Dark Horse
(If any of those goals failed, I just might stick to graphic design) This has been a short presentation of Jhonen Vasquez by Daniel Barron. Thanks for a moment of your life. Now...i want a cookie.
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