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Madison Dinkins

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Presentation by: Madison Dinkins "Chomp" by Carl Hiaasen Theme Song Plot Review of the Book Finally Examples of Literary Elements Metaphor- " He cut the engine and coasted on a line towards a billow of silk."
Foreshadowing- "He was very much looking forward to being poked, stung, scratched, clawed, chewed, and chomped by authentic denizens. And he would get his wish."
Figurative Language- " Mr. Beaver, this ain't my first rodeo."
Hyperbole-The air boat was traveling exactly 29 mph when it came to a halt, ejecting Derek head over heels.
Stereotype- "The man was too tan to be a tourist." Characters Setting Chomp takes place in present day, during the summertime in the everglades of Florida. My favorite part of the story was when Derek got bitten by the bat. I thought it was really funny. The author tells us how he started screaming like a little girl, and how the bat wouldn't pry off of him. It was really humorous.

My favorite character in the story was Mickey Cray, I liked him the best because he was very humble and really cared about his animals and family. He was especially noble when he lead Tuna's dad away from where they actually were.

My least favorite part of the story was the beginning/exposition because it was a fairly slow part of the story. The author didn't use very good descriptions of the setting either.

I would change the begining of the story by making it more interesting and adding action to the begining. Something that grabbed my attention in the story was definitely the life of Tuna Gordon. This story really opened my eyes to how horrrible home violence can be.

I think the authors message to the readers is to count your blessings, because you may think your life is hard, but in reality, your life is a walk in the park for someone else.

I learned a lot about the Everglades, and some of the animals that live there such as turtles, alligators, and snakes. Protagonist - Wahoo Cray Wahoo is a pre-teen boy, but he isn't your typical middle-schooler, he is constantly having to take care of his father's business as an animal wrangler.

Strengths: Being able to problem solve, care for animals, and a good observer.
Weaknesses: he has no right thumb, he is just a kid

Throughout the story Wahoo becomes more mature, and his eyes are opened when he realizes his life is easy compared to his friend Tuna's.
"Compared to hers, Wahoo's world was paradise, a day at the beach. Nobody ever got drunk and tore up the house. Nobody ever punched him in the eye."

The author really shows Wahoo's feelings by allowing us to know what he is thinking, and expressing what is bothering him.
"He started loading the dishwasher, trying to keep his mind off the fact, that his mom was about to fly away to the far side of the world." The author especially tells us how Wahoo misses his mom a lot, when she goes to China for her job. Antagonist-Jared Gordon Jared Gordon is an angry father who is constantly drinking.

Strengths-He owns a gun and he is definitely strong-willed.
Weaknesses-He is an alcaholic and abuses his daughter Tuna. He is also not very intelligent.
In the story, the author allows us to come to the conclusion that Jared Gordon is a very angry and troubled person,you can tell this by the way that he treats others. He is abusive and has little self-control.

"With one arm the man was aiming a stubby black pistol. His other arm was locked around the neck of Cray, the animal wrangler." Foil Character-Tuna Gordon Tuna is a pre-teen girl, who Wahoo becomes friends with, when she tags along on their "Everglades Adventure" for Derek Badger's hit survival show. She comes along in effort to escape her violent father.

Strengths- Tuna studies taxonomy, and can name hundreds of scientific animal names off the top of her head
Weaknesses-Tuna is victim to her abusive father Jared Gordon.

We are allowed to know what Tuna is feeling by the way she talks to and opens up to Wahoo.

"Then you'd find a place of your own to hide, and something to keep your mind off all the craziness." Supprorting Characters Derek Badger- He's TV's biggest hit with his popular show called "Expedition Survival." Although nothing about him really screams "survivalist". He is childish, overweight, has a fake tan, and he doesn't even sleep in a tent, on his adventures, he has a luxury motor coach.

Raven Stark - She's Derek Badger's manager along with his personal assistant who grants his every wish.

Mickey Cray-Mickey Cray is Wahoo's father. He is kept busy with his animal wrangling business and has his hands full when "Expedition Survival" calls with a need for his animals, and his skills.

Susan Cray- Susan Cray is Wahoo's mother, and Mickey's wife. She is in China where she is teaching a language class for Mandarin Chinese. Both Wahoo and Mickey miss her very much.

Sickler- Sickler is the owner of the place where they are filming the Everglades edition of the show "Expedition Survival". He is notorious for being a con-man towards tourists.

Link- Link is Sickler's best air boat driver. He loves his boat dearly, and looks after it like it's his child. Exposition Chomp takes place in Florida, during the summertime. The story starts off when Mickey Cray is very ill becuase an iguana fell off a tree and onto his head. This makes it difficult for him to work, especially since he is an anmal wrangler. So, his son Wahoo Cray is forced to step it up and help the family business. But, the family is falling deep into debt. Because they were struggling finacially his mother decided to accept a job in China as a tutor for business men and women trying to learn Mandarin Chinese.While Mr. Cray is still trying to recover from his head injury, he is offered an unbelievable oppurtunity. The hit show "Expedition Survival" starring Derek Badger wants to use his animals in the show. Rising Action Wahoo and Mickey realize this isnt much of a survivalist show after all, because they plan on using tamed animals and Mickey, an animal wrangler, on board at all times. But, they accept, because they need the money desperately. Because, Mickey is very protective over his animals, he would not let the crew take his alligators off his property. Instead, he insisted that they film the show on a swampy area on the property. First, they try to film a python scene. Mickey offers one of his tamest pythons that has just been fed. Derek immediatel grabs it and tries to wrestle it. But, the snake doesnt respond, only lies limp like an earthworm. Derek eventually just moves on. Raven Stark tries to convince Derek to wrestle the little gator for the show, but Derek insists on wrestling Alice, Mickey's 12-foot alligator.Things dont work out when they try to film the show. When Derek is supposed to come in a cloe encounter with the gator. He decides to hop on its back and, as a result Derek almost gets bitten and drowned. Mickey ends up saving him but, it was a very close call. The crew decides the gator scene actually turned out well and they show it to Derek. He can't get over how great it turned out. In order to get spontaneous, and "raw" scenes like the one with Alice, Derek decides to really go into the Everglades. He offered Mickey a raise and said that Wahoo would get paid, too. Mickey hesitantly accepts and the Crays start packing for the Everglades. While they are at Wal-Mart stocking up a girl from Wahoo's school asks for a ride. Her name is Tuna and she has no place to go. She also has a suspicious black-eye. Out of impulse Wahoo invites her to come along with them to the Everglades. Wahoo and Mickey have no idea what they've gotten themselves into. Climax Instead of going into government-owned areas of the Everglades, the camera crew decide to film at a tourist spot. The owner, Sickler, owns the place, where he offers airboat rides and dinky souveniers. As time goes on while trying to film the show, Derek gets bitten by a snake and a snapping turtle. While they were eating their catered dinner one night, Derek spots a mother bat on the table that looks like it's hurt. He immediately grabs it and tries to eat it. But, the bat panics and bites his tongue. That night everyone goes to bed worried that Derek won't make it through the filming alive. Derek however, being an undeniable fan of vampire-movie series, insist that the bat was a vampire bat and that he is turning into a vampire. So, he escapes during the night with Link's (Link is an airboat driver) airboat. Everyone immediately sends out search parties. They know he won't last long by himself. In the midst of all this Tuna Gordon's father, Jared Gordon shows up at the tourist shop looking for Tuna. Meanwhile Link is loading up a boat to try to find Derek. Suddenly Jared comes out of nowhere with a gun and Mickey Cray held hostage. As the airboat with Tuna, Wahoo, and Link speeds away. Jared fires his pistol and hits Link right on the shoulder. Falling Action Next thing they know, Wahoo and Tuna are bandaging Link and trying to keep him from losing blood. The airboat was now safely on an island in the marsh. They are in desperate need for a doctor. But, dont know how to drive an airboat, nor do they want to be found by Tuna's father. So, without another option, they start searching for Derek, with Link still by the boat. They eventually find Derek, half-crazy and at the top of a tree. He's convinced himself that he's become a vampire. So the three of them hike back to where they left Link. While they are going back, they realize that Jared has found Tuna and is still holding Mickey at gunpoint. Jared starts to take Tuna away when a police helicopter starts to land right there. Jared points his pistol at the helicopter but Derek tackles him and starts biting his neck, like a vampire. Resolution Jared Gordon is arrested immediately. The filming ends and there ended up being enough good scenes to put a pretty good show together. Wahoo and Mickey's life are back to normal, and their debts are now paid. Mrs. Cray is able to come home. Although Tuna was sent to live with her mom and grandma in Chicago. Sickler's tourist shop end up getting a lot of good publicity from the show and Link's shoulder is is all taken care of by a doctor. Derek never films another "Expedition Survival" bur he is replaced and oddly enough he doesn't really miss being "chomped" almost every day.
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