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Dealing with Angry Customers

No description

Claudia Pereira

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Dealing with Angry Customers

Dealing with Angry Customers
The Recovery Skill - from Irate to Satisfied
your intend to solve the problem
your need to manage the interaction, NOT the customer's anger
your need to continually LISTEN, VALIDATE and UNDERSTAND
the customer's discomfort (not your own)
stay calm
DON'T TAKE PERSONALLY: the customer is angry at the situation, not at you
Action Plan
1 - DETERMINE needs and expectations

2 - MEET needs and expectations


The Recovery Skill
1 - Acknowledge
"I understand why is that so frustrating for you"

2 - Apologize
"I am sorry for the frustration we may have caused you"

3 - Accept
"I will personally work with you to make sure that this problem is solved to your satisfaction"

4 - Adjust
Take all available actions to help the customer

5 - Assure
Ask if customer is satisfied with the resolution. Follow up if necessary
As soon as you identify the customer is angry, STOP for a second and FOCUS on:
BE OPEN: Validate / Empathize / Stay Calm
INTERACT: Ask feeling-finding questions / Check Preferences / Verify / Encourage to tell
From Irate to Satisfied. The 5 A's:
How to manage the situation
It didn't work, after everything??
be aware that you cannot fully satisfy every single customer, even if you try very hard
stay positive
remember: the customer is not upset with you, but at the situation
think about all the other customers you have satisfied
talk to someone, just to vent your frustration
the customer's behavior is temporary
the next customer is not responsible for this customer's attitude
take a break
Dealing with Angry Customers
The goal for this training is to describe the characteristics of an angry customer, share experiences, and explain some techniques the CSRs can use not only to deal with this type of situation, but also change the customer from an irate to a
Customer Service experience.

Action Plan
The Recovery Skill
Didn't work?
Irate Customers
Main Characteristics:
Expect you to listen to them and "fix the problem"
Fear that you will not treat their anger seriously
Fear that you will fight them back
Need validation that they have the right to be anger
Describe the worst customer you had to deal with:
The Irate Customer
What did you do?
What should you have done better?
What did you learn from this experience?
"I have taken those steps regarding your issue. Does that help you?"
"what can I do that will make this situation work for you?"
"I can see that you are upset. What would you like me to do for you?"
"I can see why you are upset. Five minutes is a long time to wait"
Use your listening skills to find clues about what the problem really is
Tell the customer what you CAN do to help
Explain to the customer what you did
Go the extra mile
Is it possible to make his next call a better experience?
Can you help another CSR to avoid the same mistake?
"Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Don't hesitate to call us back if you need"
Thank you!
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