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Roles of a President

Francisco Dorame

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of President

Roles of a President President's Roles 1. Chief of State 2. Chief Executive 3. Chief Diplomat 4. Commander n Chief 5. Chief Legislator 6. Chief of the Party 7. Guardian of the Economy Acts as a example for and symbol of the United States Represents america at special occasions and ceremonies Awarding medals and speechmaking are examples of this role Acts as boss of federal government workers in 14 executive departments Departments help the president carry out, enforce, or execute the law. The president chooses cabinet members to advise and assist him
4 example: Holding cabinet meetings and appointing federal officials The offices if the Executive Branch are found in the White House and other federal builgings in Washington D.C Conducts foregn policy by directing the sctions of american ambassadors Signs treaties and trade agreements with leaders of other nations. In charge of US Armed Forces and decides where armed forces are to be stationed. Secretary of Defense is under the president
the Chairman of the Joint Cheif is the top milltary commander under the president. Congress has the power to make laws but the president has to sign for them to become laws o veto them if so it can be over ruled by 2/3rds vote President monitors
and General Welfare of the nation President doesnt control the economy but gets credit if goes well. LOL XD!!!!
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