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The Nervous System

No description

Sandra Cely

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of The Nervous System

A Human Body System
Extra Credit/Diagram of the Important parts of the Nervous System
What is the Function of the each part of the Nervous System?
The Nervous System
The Nervous System And Its Purpose
Why is the Nervous system IMPORTANT to us humans?
The Nervous System is important to us because the Nervous System provide us coordination, imagination, balance, thinking, movement ,and everything we do (decisions, planning and more). Without the Nervous System we wouldn't have balance,coordination to walk,we wouldn't know what to do and everything we would want to do we could not because we could not do anything, we just sit in one spot and our blood pressure would go crazy,heartbeat would go every which way,breathing would go fast then slow, we would not have memory, and we would not be talking our language now as we speak.
What are the biggest danger/threats to the System?
What can fix/prevent these problems?
Interesting facts about the Nervous System
the final conclusion about the nervous system
Bibliography page
all of us
The Process How Your Body Works In The Nervous System
The Roles Of The All The Parts In The Nervous System
Step 5:Movement in the Game
Step 1 :Where the Journey Begins
Step 2: Your Brain, Cerebellum Kicking Through!
This is the nervous system. It shows what the nervous system is made of. The nervous system is made of the brain, spinal cord, neurons, electric impulses, and nerves.The neon is the nervous system.
Step 3:The Some Up of How the Nervous System works
Another way to show how a brain works
Meningitis is one disease in your Meninges. It is an infection that you can get by breathing in a virus. It infects the meninges which will get swollen then goes to your brain and infects vital parts of your brain. You could lose your sight, language, mostly your hearing or you can lose your life because of this.
Cerebral Palsy is a disorder which damages your brain.You have lack of balance, intelligence, posture, and speech. It occours before, during or after birth. It is a non progressive disorder, meaning it does not get worse over time.
Stroke is when blood can not go to a certain part of the brain. it is common in elderly people. When it gets serious you cannot move one side of your body.
Drugs,Alcohol and tobacco could also damage your brain.

You can prevent these problems by doing eat healthy foods, which contain calcium,potassium, and minerals.
Lots of exercise.
Do not use drugs, alcohol, or use tobacco.
Challenge your brain(For Example: Play music, make art, anything that gives your brain a workout)
The nervous system is a system in the human body which sends messages to brain and the brain sends messages to the body so the body can move and coordinate.The purpose of the nervous system is to control the movements of our body and to coordinate what we think and what we do. The nervous system get messages from our body to know characteristics of an object when we smell, touch, taste, hear, and see. Without the nervous system, we would not know what the objects are, what to think, or what part of the body to move.
Another way of looking at the brain, is looking at the activities that every part of the brain does. In this picture, the right side of the brain we see for example the art pallet , also where love for music is located.
How The Brain Works By:Kathy Furgang Published 2001
The Physical Brain By:Faith Brynie Published 2001
Control Freak By: Steve Parker Published 2007
The Controls Sarah Angliss Published 2000
The nervous system By Llamas Published 1998
People /Doctors
Dr. Sandra Cely
The Main Parts Of the Nervous System(In words)
Why the Nervous System important to the body
mariana today
There are two parts of the nervous system : the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.
Did you know the nervous system is more complex than the most advanced computer in the world?!!!!!
The brain is the most complex organ in the whole body system
A three year old has twice as many neurons as an eight year old
As the brain ages it shrinks in size
Without the nervous system you would not be able interact with your friends, learn or even have fun.
Conclusion about the Nervous System.
The nervous system helps us understand everything arounds us, help us communicate with others in many ways and also help us understanding and controlling our emotions.
The nervous system has two parts the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The central part has the spinal cord and the brain, they send messages and controls the body but how they deliver they're messages...... that's where the peripheral nervous system comes in. The peripheral nervous system is made of nerves who transmits messages through the whole body.
Everyone of us has strengths and weaknesses. It depends on which part of the brain, left or right, is dominant.
The back ground is the Cerebrum
The back ground is the Brain Stem

This the Inside of your brain and here is most of the Main Parts of the Nervous System.
The Brain sends out instructions and your body sends information back through your nerves.All nerves are made up of nerve cells that transmit messages through out the body. Nerve cells called Neurons (Or Nerve Fibers)each Neuron has three parts, cell body, dendrites,and axon.T hey travel from nerve to nerve.There are two types of nerves (Central and Motor Nerves). Central Nerves carry information to the Central Nervous System. The Motor Nerves carry information from the Central Nervous System to the rest of the body.
Jack and Mariana
Jack and Mariana
Step 4: Spinal Cord ,Different systems In the Same System
Jack and Mariana
Jack and Mia
All of us
Humor (Simpson The Character)
This is Simpson. People think he is not smart. Here is why. Simpson's brain is small as a peanut!
The back ground is the Cerebellum
Extra Credit
Left or right brain? What is your strength?
Have you ever wondered what portion of your brain is the dominant one? The left brain vs. the right brain , each responsible for different things .Now answer your Quiz to see if you are more left brain or more right brain.
This is Jack in the black and he is now where we are talking about. Now he is going to go to the Brain.
This is the Brain and to the right is a close up image of the cerebellum.That is where Jack is visting to try to answer How the Nervous System works.
This is the Spinal Cord
and this where jack learns how the Nervous System works.This is where Jack learned How The Nervous System Works.
These are Neurons with the Synapse,(the little gap)Axon,(Exit)Cell body, (hallway) and Dendrite(door way)
This images are the 2 Systems(Central and the Peripheral Nervous System) and the Electric Impulses.
This is an image of the football that Jack played on that day and an Electric Impulse coming to an other Neuron.
This is the Cerebrum and the whole image is the Cerebrum.
This is the Cerebral Cortex
This is the Hypothalamus one of the important parts of the brain
The Red Dot in the white is the Pituitary Gland
These are the layers of the Meninges with the 3 layers the Dura,Arachnoid and the Pia Matter.
This is an image of the brain inside with the parts and the outside with the lobes
The back ground is the Spinal cord.
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