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Faith in " Allah "

No description

Ahmed Barakat

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of Faith in " Allah "

Faith in " Allah "
Faith in " Allah "
Faith in
Holy Books
TO faith in the holy books which Allah send us to be a constitution or rules to manage our life.
Faith in
To faith that Allah selected some people to be
prophets and messengers to all other people.
Faith in
Fate and destiny
To faith in Allah who ordered and organized those events which happen with us everyday
Faith in
Day of Judgment
To faith in that day after life when everyone
will stand in front of Allah to see what did he was doing in life .. good or evil
The fair and merciful Allah will forgive him many سsins and not forgive some other sins

Finally, everyone will be in one of two places,
either heaven or hell of fire
" permanently ".
Faith in
To faith in Allah who created everything, know everything, god of everything,

Allah let us make our choice in Believing and religion but in same time give us evidences on the his ability
ِAllah is Merciful, Strong and fair

" No god but Allah "
Faith in
To faith in angels of Allah which worship
Allah all the time, and which Allah send them to Deliver the holy Books and a messages to the Prophets and Prophets tell us these messages
of Allah
of Allah
In Islam we respect all the holy books, but
we Trust and depend on "The Holy Qur'an"
Books delivered from Allah to us by angels,who
delivered it to prophets, and prophets taught us.

, The Bible (Jewish) - prophet "Moses"
The Bible (Christian) - prophet "Isa"
The Holy Qur'an (Islam) - prophet

: the angel who delivered
the holy Qur'an from Allah to prophet
Prophets & messengers
of Allah
These prophets tell us the Orders of Allah like peace, respecting parents, Helping needy, giving charity, difference between Good and Evil, teach us
how to worship Allah, advise us to do good in life to get the heaven and warn us of hell. and more other orders of Merciful Allah
Messengers "Mohammad, Ibrahim,
Noah, Joseph, Jacob, David, Solaiman
Adam and more others.
Definition of

Everything even good or bad thing occurs with everyone in everyday, it was organized by Allah
We should accept and be satisfied with every-thing happens with us in life, because and
only because we know that Allah is the fair
and Allah know what we don't know.

Just say " thanks to Allah "
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