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Ethics and the Natural Sciences

No description

Franco Bautista

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Ethics and the Natural Sciences

Real Life Situation
TOK World
To what extent does ethics affect the advances of natural sciences?
To what extent does the advances in natural sciences affect ethics?
Ethics and the Natural Sciences
Stem Cell Research
To what extent do ethics hinder advances in the natural sciences?
To what extent do ethics contribute to advances in the natural sciences?
The process of using stem cells (usually embryonic) to turn into other types of cells
generation of tissue
helps treat damaged areas of the body
Ethical Debate
Pro-Stem Cell:
Can cure incurable diseases/conditions (Alzheimers, spinal chord injury, Parkinsons) and save lives
Embryos aren't considered people (since they can't reason and aren't self aware)
Anti-Stem Cell:
Stem cells are people too; supporters' definition of life is faulty
Disrespect for human life
Shouldn't play God
Death Penalty
What is it?
scientific advances are FOR people
ethics create needs
creates innovations
ethics create limitations
limitations inspire ingenuity
ethics makes science trustworthy
things that are "wrong" are not allowed, even if they would help progress science
makes it harder to challenge the status quo
neither good nor bad
To what extent does advances in the natural science affect ethics?
science changes ethics
science cannot change ethics
To what extent does ethics affect advances in the natural science?
ethics helps scientific advancement
ethics hinders scientific advancement
science creates new ethical dilemmas
people debate; fosters discussion
creates new ethics
science provides facts
clarifies falsehoods that may have made old standards
changes old standards
provides the stability in society to have more options in ethics
evolution of ethical standards
science makes ethical dilemmas
answer dilemmas using old ethical standards
no new standards created
science provides new facts
it is up to ethics to interpret
interpretation created by religion or emotion
Ethics Changed by Science
Ethics Not Changed by Science
Nazi Medical Science
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