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Expository Writing

The elements of expository writing and examples.

Katie Schwabedissen

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Expository Writing

Writing Directions: Read the words in brown. Write the words in green. What is Expository
Writing? Expository Writing:
Gives information
True (nonfiction)
No dialogue Narrative Writing
tells a story
contains dialogue
(characters speak
to one another) Which is this?

"What shall we do to earn the extra money?" asked Johnny.
"I suppose we will have to do some extra chores at home. Maybe you can even get a paper route," Tara replied. "Somehow we will need to replace the vase before Mother comes home and discovers that it is broken."
Together they swept up the pieces of the shattered vase and threw them in the garbage bin. With any luck Mother might not miss the vase for a few days, and maybe they would be able to replace it before she noticed. Which is this?

A vase is an open container often used to hold cut flowers. Some are made of ceramics, and some are made of glass.
Vases have many different looks. Some vases are very fancy with special art work. However, some vases are very simple and plain. They can come in many different colors and sizes. Purposes of Expository

Inform the reader
Describe situations
Explain instructions Parts of an essay:
Introduction paragraph
Body paragraph
Conclusion paragraph Parts of an intro:
Thesis Statement Parts of a body paragraph:
Topic Sentence
Supporting Sentences Parts of a conclusion:
Restated thesis
closing statement A Five Paragraph Essay

Hook - catches the reader's
attention and makes them want
to read more. This could be an
interesting fact or a story.
Thesis Statement - A sentence
that states what the rest of the
paper is going to be about. (Color it green
to show that the paper is moving forward.) Body Paragraphs
Each body paragraph has a topic
sentence and supporting sentences.
The topic sentence lets the reader
know what the topic of the paragraph
will be. (Color it yellow to show that it is
time to slow down and provide examples. )
The supporting sentences explain and
develop the topic sentences. They must be
"on topic". (Color these red to show that
you are stopping to examine the facts.) Concluding Paragraph
Restate the thesis- remind the reader
of the overall message in the essay. (Color this sentence green to show that the paper is moving towards an ending. )
Concluding Thought- leave the reader
with a final thought on the topic. Do not include any new information. Parts of a Five Paragraph Essay Example Five Paragraph Essay With sirens screaming and lights
flashing, the long, red truck whizzes through the traffic towards the burning building. The men run inside the inferno to save the person trappedinside. Those men are fire fighters. When I grow up I want to be a firefighter. I have wanted to be a fire fighter since I was nine years old. I admire firefighters because they are brave, they are strong, and they save lives. Firefighters are very brave people. They
run into buildings that are on fire because
they have to save someone. I think that I am
a very brave person. Firefighters don't always
know what will happen when they get inside
a building, but they go in anyway. Being
brave will make me a better person. Firefighters are also very strong people.
They go to training to learn how to be a firefighter. To pass the training they must
take a physical strength test. They must be
able to carry people from burning buildings,
they must be able to pull hoses full of water,
and sometimes they have to use an axe to
chop down a door to get inside a building. Firefighters must have lots of muscles to do those activities. Finally, I want to be a firefighter because
they save lives. If a person was in a burning building and heard the fire engines coming,
they might feel relief that they would be
saved. Firefighters are heroes. Not very
many jobs will give me the opportunity to
save a life, especially the lives of people I
have never met. The men and women who
fight fires risk their own lives all of the time. Fighting fires is a very noble job. To be a firefighter I will need to be brave, strong, and willing to risk my life for someone else.
I believe that I can do those things. That is why I want to be a fire fighter when I grow up. Write everything in this pencil. Read and discuss this pencil.
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