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Jacques cartier

No description

Mrs. Grandbois

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Jacques cartier

Jacques cartier By Marija & Maddy Who's Jaques Cartier ? Jacques Cartier was a young
European Explorer.Who was born,
In St.Malo Brittany on December
31st 1491, and died September 1st 1557.
At the age of 66 years old .Jacques carier
took 3 voyages . Jacques Cartier's 3 voyage's Jacques Cartier's first voyage
was on April 20 1534 .
Jacques cartier was heading
from St.Malo brittnay to
New-Foundland,but he was hoping to get to Asia to discover a western passage way to the rich and greedy
Market's of Asia . this is a picture of Jacques Cartier # 2 Jacques Cartier's second voyage
was when he set sail from Hochelaga
on October 30th 1534 with 110 men on 2 small ships
and tried to make it back to the Atlantic
before ice blocked the river.Over the winter
Cartier's crew suffered from Scurvy,and by December 50 Native's died ,on his 2nd voyage he
found a cure for scurvy and tried cure many people from his crew as he can. #1 #2 FUN FACT! Jacques cartier was the one who gave canada its name when he misunderstood the word for village "kanata" means the name of the whole area. fun fact Jacques cartier discovered
Prince Edward Island in 1534 ! Here's a video all about
Jacques Cartier! #3 here's a comic
about our fun fact Jacques Cartier set sail on in may of 1541 with 5 ship's and 1,500 men with him .On his 3rd voyage Jacques was looking for gold and diamonds,
but when he was searching for gold
he found something outrages but was a fake which is called "Fool's Gold".
Also when he was looking for diamonds ,your probably going to know what happens next it was a fake also it was called"Quartz".On Jacques Cartier's 3 voyage he kidnapped the cheif's two son's along
with their father. FUN FACT ! WHAT DID JACQUES CARTIER DISCOVER ? Jacques Cartier obviously dicovered
the St.Lawrence river.Jacques Cartier
also discovered Prince Edward Island ,
and as you see in our fun fact that Jacques
Cartier gave Canada It's name but they pronounced it "Kanata" . Jacques Cartier got married
at the age of 26! What Is Jacques Cartier famous for ? He's famous because he found and mapped
the St.Lawrence sea-way in Quebec,he's also know
for taking over canada which is the native's land. DID YOU KNOW ? THAT JACQUES CARTIER'S MOTHER'S NAME
wiki answers youtube socyberty.com about.com/canadaonline www.answers .com The End one more thing Did you know:
jacques cartier was on the
100$ dollar coin okay now it's the end here's a picture of his map he traveled
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