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Super Scholars

No description

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of Super Scholars

Applying to the TOP schools...reach higher!
Are you planning on applying to any of these?
1. Princeton
2. Harvard
3. Yale
4. Columbia
5. Stanford
6. University of Chicago
7. MIT
8. Duke
9. University of Pennsylvania
10. California Institute of Technology
The 3 Types of Students Who Get Into Their Reach School
1. The All-Around Stunner

2. The Stand Out in Something

3. The Interesting Story
What can I do NOW?
Start Preparing As Early As Possible
colleges look at all 4 years of grades and extracurriculars
be committed to your interests, find things that interest you and stick with them

US News and World Report
2016 Top 20 Colleges and Universities
How many can you name?
11. John Hopkins
12. Dartmouth
13. Northwestern
15. Cornell
16. Vanderbilt
17. Washington University
18. Rice
19. University of Notre Dame
20. UC-Berkeley
How do they come up with this list?
A series of data points are used including freshman retention rates, graduation rate and strength of faculty.

These universities offer a full range of undergraduate majors, plus master's and doctoral programs, and emphasize faculty research.
What tests should I take and when should I take them?
Becoming a Strong Applicant
Which one are you? Or...which one can you become?
*adapted from thecollegematchmaker.com
The All-Around Stunner
The Standout in Something
The Interesting Story
These students are really good at a lot of different things.
nearly perfect grades, great SAT scores, glowing recommendations
If this is you, you will face the most competition!
lots of students peg themselves this way, so make sure EVERYTHING shines!
These students are so strong in one area that it overtakes the rest of the application.
students have gained national or international recognition for their achievement
If this is you, don't be afraid to fail!
keep entering contests and applying for leadership until you make it
These students can show that they personally have something unique to offer from their own situations.
schools want ethnic diversity, geographic diversity, socioeconomic diversity and diversity of experience
If this is you, you may have a big advantage!
even students with the most remarkable stories still need to be good students
No more than three attempts!
- Spring 2016/Fall 2016
March, June, October (if needed)
How can I afford college?
It is true that out-of-state and private colleges are expensive...but...
Many of the Top 20 schools meet 100% of economic need!
Apply for EVERY scholarship available to you!
Complete the FAFSA early
strong variety of extracurriculars: sports, arts and community
compelling essay that compliments the rest of the application
if you have a few mediocre grades, and good but not great SAT scores, these are sometimes forgiven if you standout in another area
the best way to become a standout is to apply for recognition; enter contests, apply for leadership positions that may take you to greater opporunities
not all stories have to be inherently sensational, sometimes even average stories told in a brilliant way can make a compelling essay
2. Take Harder Courses With Each Advancing Year
colleges want to see students taking harder classes each year in an upward trend
take the most challenging courses you can find, and work hard to get the best possible grade
Essays Matter: Don't Slack
the supplementary questions are just as important; you should convery your voice, interests and how you will contribute to the campus
instead of forcing yourself into what the college wants, find out what YOU want before you even apply; this will make answering specific questions much easier
4. Demonstrated Interest Matters
colleges want students who genuinely want to attend their school
go on visits, contact the admissions officer, apply early...they track these things!!!
Let's take a look at the options...
The State University System of Florida...
the PUBLIC universities
Private Colleges and Universities (in-state and out-of-state)
Top 20 Colleges and Universities
Things to consider...
Florida Public Universities
Take a look at the AVERAGES
Private Colleges and Universities of Florida
What are the biggest differences between a private and public school in Florida?
Private colleges are about triple the cost of a Florida Public University
Where should I apply?
You should focus on three categories, based on the school's selectivity.
Safety schools
Match schools
Reach schools
admission standards are below your credentials
choose 1 to 2 schools that you would be willing to attend
admission standards resemble your credentials
choose 3 to 5 schools, this is where the bulk of your focus should be
admission standards
exceed your credentials
choose 1 to 2 schools, you should be close to the 25th percentile of school averages
Today we are going to focus primarily on REACH schools.
- Spring 2016/Fall 2016
March, June, October (if needed)
SAT Subject
take at least one in your best AP subject area (check application guidelines for number of tests required)
Helpful Websites
College Rankings
College Planning
Financial Aid (FAFSA)
Do your homework!
Research the schools you are interested in
Campus Visits
Virtual Campus Visits
Create a list of deadlines and requirements for each school
Need some help?
Mrs. Nicole Gurley
College Transition Counselor
Financial Aid Research
FAFSA 4caster
Net Price Calculator
College Research
College and scholarship application process
Outstanding low-income seniors
Offer generous financial aid packages
National College Match Program
End of September
Finalists chosen October
Binding contract

College Scorecard
Big Future
Virtual Tours
One App for over 600 schools
Essays, transcripts, recommendations, etc.
Fall Deadlines
Can use fee waivers
Anything is Possible!!!!
Cypress Creek-4
Dr. Phillips-7
Lake Nona-1
Oak ridge-1
West Orange-7
Winter Park-23
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