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Types of Transportation during The Great Depression

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Morgan J

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Types of Transportation during The Great Depression

Before the Great Depression it was a glorious time for the ocean liners. It was thought as the golden age of the ocean liners.
-Often referred to as "Bennett Buggies" in Canada and "Hoover Wagons" in the US.
Bennett Buggy
By Jesse

-Many people hoped onto cargo carts, rode the rails, laid on the top of the trains, or even dressed as train attendants.
-Riding the rails was when someone held onto the bottom part of the train.
-Men looking for jobs rode the trains all across the continent.

Hitchhiking was so popular during the Great Depression, people with little money hitchhiked to save money. Hitchhiking was legal and slightly safer.
Types of Transportation during The Great Depression

By Jesse
By Dave
By Dave
-The buggies were vehicles lightened to make the load easier for the horse or horses or some other animals to pull.
-Gas was scarce during this time and with a horse the only source you needed was some hay.
Websites Used
-Sometimes they would take the whole body off the vehicle and make it into a wagon cart.
-Before the great many people made million in the stock market and started to buy livestock.
-Many people in the Depression stopped using there cars and started to use their horse to go everywhere.
-The horse was expensive to buy was cheap to maintain.

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-Steam turbines were being used to power ships and allowed ships to reach new speeds.
-During the 1930s, coal was being used less and fuel oil had risen as the top fuel.
-The trips on these boats could be quite a miserable journey.
-For the average lower class person, you might have to sleep with cattle.
25% of the workforce were unemployed, they were able to save money by riding bikes.
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