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Do Aliens Exist?


on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Do Aliens Exist?

By: Ryeland Ternasky, Lauren Hustead
Do Aliens Exist?
My definition of an alien is a being from another dimension, planet, or galaxy.
What are

Aliens pose no real threat to the well-being of mankind. They are thousands of years ahead of us in technology. If they wanted to hurt us in any way, they could do so with very little effort. Plant earth is an ant, compared to the planets/stars in the universe. What do we do with ants when we see them? Either crush them, play with them, or just leave them alone.
Why are people afraid of
Todays society is quick to kill what they don't know. If something or someone doesn't make sense to them, they call it fake or crazy without even researching and trying to learn what is actually going on. Society is brainwashed into believe certain things. We need to open our minds and explore what has been hidden from us.
Reasons why
The universe is too big for there not to be some other types of lifeforms in existence. We can't be the only ones that inhabit the entire universe.
Actual accounts of UFO sightings.
Contact with
They will be here to help us, rather than harm us.
They would have intelligence that is far beyond our intelligence.
Trying to fight them would be a suicide mission for us.
Do You Think

Attack Us?
Why Alien's Don't Exist
There are many reasons why aliens do not exist. Aliens cannot exist on the framework of the Bible. Even though it doesn't not completely deny or confirm UFO's, God created the Sun, Moon, and the stars on the fourth day. Therefore, God is the whole reason for the Universe, so there is no point to create more life if Earth is based on just us.
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