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hazards and risk associated with sports participation

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Richard Francis

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of hazards and risk associated with sports participation

hazards and risks associated with sports participation??? BTEC LEVEL 2
Unit 5 Injuries in Sport Participating in any sporting activity carries an element of risk and there are many potential hazards People factors
Environmental factors
Equipment factors Environmental Factors Often uncontrollable
Important to make judgements on potential hazards prior to starting an activity - Use weather forecasts
Weather can cause sports fields to become dangerous to play on - Icy or waterlogged
Hot conditions - dehydration, heat exhaustion
Unsure of surroundings - walking in mountains
Extreme wet and cold - hypothermia Personal factors Not warming up or cooling down correctly - this could lead to muscle strains
An opponent playing recklessly - High tackle in rugby could cause a neck injury
Playing under the influence of alchohol or drugs
Wearing jewellery
Chewing gum
Using incorrect techniques to lift weights
Lack of Experience
Not being able to work as a team Equipment Factors Many sports require special equipment
Protective equipment
Using gym equipment without knowing how to use it
Equipment not being set up correctly - harnesses, climbing ropes
Not having the correct clothing for the activity TASK 1 In groups of 2/3

you must describe and explain the hazard/risk you are given

GET WORKING 6 Risks and Hazards in Sport (P4&M3) With help of the posters around the room you must describe and explain 6 risks and hazards associated with sports No Warm up

If a warm up and cool down are not completed there is an increased risk of a performer sustaining an injury. It should include 3 phases; mobility, stretching and a pulse raiser. Within the cool down stretches are used to stop a build up of lactic acid in the muscles to prevent cramping. All sports require a warm up and cool down, especially high intensity sports such as hockey, netball and boxing.

In netball if a wing attack was about to change pace and sprint to receive a pass and they had not done a full warm up, they may find their hamstring muscles would be tight. This could cause a strained or torn muscle which could have been prevented and may lead to long term absence from their sport. Learning Objectives: LO1: Understand different types of hazards and risks associated with sport participation People factors?
Environmental factors?
Equipment factors?
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