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MARAC 2013

No description

Natalie Milbrodt

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of MARAC 2013

Curated Digital Project Case Study:
The Queens Memory Project

Step 1: Defined Project Mission Within Each Partner Institution

Step 2: Established Workflow & Division of Responsibilities

Step 3: Established Tools and Guidelines

Step 4: Developed User Interface

Step 5: Invited Participation

Elements of our

Document life in the borough
: Scope

Democratize the archives
: Create opportunities for participation

Increase use of the archives
: Get content online and in classrooms

Establish and enrich community partnerships
: Follow their lead on content directions

Equalize perceived value of oral history records with other primary sources
: Create clips and relationships

Be an educational resource
: Serve diverse needs as a flexible tool for exploration and self-publication in an archival framework.
Step 2: Established Workflow & Division of Responsibilities
Mission impacts curation
Step 1: Defined Project Mission Within Each Partner Institution
Natalie Milbrodt
Digital Content & Strategy Coordinator, Queens Library
Director, Queens Memory Project
Step 3: Established tools and guidelines
Queens Library

by professionals
Cataloging by professionals
Domain name and hosting
Long-term preservation
Infrastructure for community outreach
Queens College
Digitization by students
Cataloging by students
Content creation (interviews, photos, wild sound)
Development via graduate Archives student research
Step 4: Developed User Interface
Step 5: Invited Participation
Photo courtesy of Monika Luchowska, 2012
Queens General Assembly, 2013 Workshop
Queens College student, Tess Hartman with Saint Michael's Roman Catholic Church members, 2011
Queens Library Branches
Students have created over 600 public records.
They earn credit, volunteer and sometimes earn grant-funded stipends to perform all functions of the QMP:

Archival Processing
Community Organizing
Donor Relations
Exhibit Curation
Graphic Design
Policy Drafting
Social Media
Sound Editing
User analysis
We aid their efforts with free resources:
Individual Project Planning for Graduate Study
Curricular Modules for Undergraduate Courses
Guidelines and Forms
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