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'C' into ICT

No description

Lea Compton

on 12 August 2010

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Transcript of 'C' into ICT

'C' into ICT - collaborating and community with wikis Leanne Compton Today Discuss why we should be including ICT into our classrooms Understanding of your use of ICT…inside and outside the classroom Hands-on with using ICT (wiki) Ways of working together Actively listen with empathy and understanding
Adopt a shared sense of responsibility
Aim for respectful collaboration
Address problems constructively
Aim to defer judgements
Acknowledge diversity and difference
Allow for fun
#No such thing as a dumb question!
How well do you know your students? Xbox experts?
Wii experts?
Skype experts?
Online games experts?
Facebook experts?
What about your ICT skills? Heppell, 2009
upload to YouTube
edit a Wikipedia article
choose a safe online payments site
subscribe to a podcast and un-subscribe
turn on and off predictive text
manage a group’s Flickr photos (and spell Flickr!)
look after a community in Facebook We are teaching in different times! ‘we should not be mapping the use of new technologies onto old curricula, rather, we need to rethink our curricula and pedagogies in light of the impact that we know technologies can have on learning and meaning making in contemporary times’.
Yelland, 2009
Will Richardson - Things we need to ‘unlearn’ That we are the sole experts in the class
That we know more than our kids
That learning is ‘an event’
That collaborative work inside the classroom is enough
That every student needs to learn the same content
That our students don’t need to see and hear how we ourselves learn
Our fear of ‘putting ourselves out there’
What resources are available to optimise collaboration and communication http://www.prezi.com
Prezi Animoto
Create unlimited full length videos from photos.
If you are a teacher or educator, apply for a free Animoto all-access pass for use in the classroom.

Make your interactive poster easily and share it with friends. Mix images, text, music and video. Australian Screen
Screen Australia – digital resource finder
TLF digital content Managing your logins Password fatigue Freeware Google Sketch Up
http://epotential.education.vic.gov.au/showcase/index.php?showcase_id=63 Wikis Difference between a wiki and a blog? Blog
A blog, or web log, shares writing and multimedia content in the form of posts (starting point entries) and comments (responses to the posts) While commenting, and even posting, are open to the members of the blog or the general public, no one is able to change a comment or post made by another
post-comment-comment-comment Often the vehicle of choice to express individual opinions wiki A wiki has a far more open structure and allows others to change what one person has written
This openness may trump individual opinion with group consensus What can you do with a wiki? Collaborate - post text, images, files
Embed media - video, audio, RSS (news feeds) etc
Customise your look - select from a variety of wiki themes, pick your own colours and logo Set privacy - ensure that only your members can access your wiki's content
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