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Domino's Pizza M.S.

Company Overview, Vision and Mission, Target Market, Marketing opportunity, etc

emanuele rossi

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Domino's Pizza M.S.

Company overview Domino's Pizza Enterprises is the master franchise license owner of the Domino's Pizza brand. DMP sits in the Quick Service Restaurant segment within fast food retail and has a license which covers Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Principality of Monaco. The Domino’s brand is owned by Domino’s Pizza an American Company.

At the moment Domino’s store count was 908 with 559 stores across Australia and New Zealand and 349 across France, Belgium and The Netherlands, employing approximately 21,000 people (14,000 in Australia) and making more than 60 million pizzas a year.

The 2011-12 Financial Year profit was the result of strong TNS of $805.3 million and NPAT of $23 million growth 23% on the corresponding period last year. Vision & Mission -To be the best operator Domino's Pizza system with the best talent.

-Number one in pizza.

-Number one in people. Marketing Opportunities Expanding Online sales.

Attract healthier costumers.

To give the costumers a dining experience. Market Position - Domino’s target market segmentation is the consumer who is looking for inexpensive pizza quickly.

- Domino’s is focusing on delivery and carryout customers. Online Ordering Platform Seven different Ordering Platform:
1.Online ordering (including dedicated Catering website)
2. Accessible Site for hearing and visually impaired people
3. iPhone App
4. iPad App
5. Android App
6. Mobile Ordering Site
7. Facebook Ordering App + Pizza Tracker (1° worldwide) 11 million Facebook users in Australia -Maintaining high standards of the international chain of pizza delivery and provide the experience of an excellent product with excellent customer service.

-Exceptional People serving the best pizza in the world.

-Sell more pizza Have more fun Online Ordering Platform The App was designed and built in Australia and it was Domino’s biggest non-product launch ever. The iPhone App has been a huge success:

• within five days of launch the Domino’s App had reach the number one free application position on iTunes

• within six months after its release the App has now been downloaded over 300,000 times

• it achieved $2 million in sales in 12 weeks “Theatre of Food” First store of its kind

Dough room, in store and out store area, area for event and functions

Unique blend

Customer can watch the making of the pizza Good Choice Range - Seeking fresh, healthy options without compromise the taste.

- Offer more choice for customers and continual improvements across the entire menu.

- Working closely with suppliers to improve the health of key ingredients.

- Produce gluten free pizzas


In 2012 we launched our new Good Choice Range of full size pizzas offering the customers more healthier pizzas and greater choice. Good Choice Range Three 97% Fat Free Pizzas

The Chicken Napolitana, BBQ Chicken & Pineapple, Prawn with Cherry Tomatoes & Basil pizzas are made using existing ingredients on our Thin ‘n’ Crispy base and are loaded with fresh veggies and lean proteins. Low Carb Crust

This option is available with the choice of any of our pizza toppings. By comparison, a BBQ Meatlovers on Low Carb Crust contains only 10.46 grams of carbs per 100g vs the same pizza on our current Classic Crust which contains 42.9 grams of carbs. - ANZ network sales have grown 2.0% - Sales partially impacted by softer promotional campaigns compared to prior year. Current Marketing Performanceof Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Strategic Analysis Reviewing By: Jennifer Paaso 2107976
Emanuele Rossi 2105394
Chloe Cailliau 2084562 Recommendations Open "theater of food" in main cities

Be more environmentally friendly

Continue to develop new Online Ordering Platform - Domino’s appears not to have a specific target.
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