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"Golden Girl"

No description

English Project

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of "Golden Girl"

By: Gillian Chan
"Golden Girl"
The theme statement that our group chose for the story "Golden Girl" is "wealth and beauty does not lead to happiness". We think that this statement describes the story well because it was all about the character Donna being jealous of Anna's wealth, beauty and popularity. And she used her friend Anna to become popular and try to get Anna's boyfriend, Michael. Also Anna was trying to use her wealth and beauty in order to become popular and try to get other people's attention. She was also trying to use wealth and beauty for love however at the end, she did not get her love nor did she get happiness.
Donna is the protagonist in the story. From the beginning Donna worked hard to be friends with the most popular girl Anna Murphy.
Personality trait 1:
Donna is very jealous of Anna, that at sometimes she starts comparing herself with Anna.
"princess" Boys fight over her-like, actually fight. I used hope that some of whatever she has would rub off me. I mean, I deserved some pay-off for all she dished out. (pg78-79)
Personality trait 2:
Donna is very vicious.
"we could pass it around, then a whole bunch of us can turn up at The Coffee House. It would be so funny." (pg 92) "Donna, you`re supposed to be Anna`s friend. and here you want to set her up, humiliate her. She`s been a jerk the last month, for sure. But why do this? You really are vicious!" (pg92)
Anna and Donna are best friends. Donna is friends with Anna so she can be popular. She is jealous of Anna because she gets whatever she wants.
Theme Statement
, Mithara,
Anna Murphy is the "Golden Girl". She is the most popular girl in the whole school and the "Drama Queen" of the school. The best- looking girl in the whole town and is complimented by every one in town about how beautiful she looks with her long blond curls and big brown eyes.
Personality trait 1:
Anna is a selfish person because she only thinks about herself no one else.
"You could have kept track of where we were meant to be." Anna was really getting into it now. "He'll think we are just a couple of air heads." pg. 81
Personality Trait 2:
Anna is a self-centered person.
Michael saw Anna dancing with McCallum and took off. "He's so immature at times! I mean how are we going to get home?" pg.88
Anna Murphy

Verbal- At the end of the book Micheal says to Donna "You're supposed to be Anna's friend. And here you are wanting to set her up, humiliate her." This is verbal irony because we would think that Michael would agree with Donna and be mad at Anna but instead he doesn't care about what Anna did at all.

Situational- At the school dance Michael sees Anna and Mr.Mcallum dancing and leaves the girls. "He saw her dancing with Mcallum and took off." We don't expect this from Michael because he is dating Anna and she wants him to stay so she can have a ride home.

These types of irony prove that even though she is beautiful and rich she doesn't get what she wants.


Anna vs. Donna:

(man vs.man)
"She has this fake , modest smile and a "what, me? I'm not pretty enough" routine, and then just eats it up when they all rush to contradict her" pg. 78

This is a conflict between Anna and Donna because Donna is hating and feeling jealous about Anna because she is more popular than Donna so in this quotation, Donna is saying how Anna is being a fake by acting nicely in front of other people to remain "at the top."

Anna vs. Michael:
(man vs.man)
"Anna, that guy doesn't even know you exist. And even if he does, he is not going to be interested in a school girl" Michael said. "That's what you think, you just wait and see ." Her chin was up, daring Michael to challenge her. pg. 82

This is a conflict between Anna and Michael because Michael is being betrayed by Anna and he is feeling jealous because Anna is trying to win Mr. McCallum's heart and not caring about Michael

Donna likes Anna's boyfriend Michael. So, she tells Anna that Mr.McCallum likes her. Then Anna starts flirting with Mr.McCallum and seeking out his attention whenever she can.
A student teacher named Mr.McCallum comes to their school to teach for a couple of months. Anna falls for him instantly.
Internal Conflict
Long blond curls
Big Brown eyes
Donna vs. herself:
(character vs. himself/herself
"After all, gold just keeps shining. Its only us cheap imitations that tarnish and get junked" pg. 98

This is an internal conflict between Donna and herself because in her mind,
she is thinking how Anna which she refers to as "gold" remains "at the top"
even if she makes a mistake where herself which she refers to as
"cheap imitations" never get what they want at the end.

Expensive Clothing
Dramatic- In the short story "Golden Girl" Anna leaves Mr. McCallum a note telling him to meet with her at a coffee shop. When he reads the note he crumples it up and throws it away. "Anna didn't hang around, so she didn't see him read the note, make a face, and then crumple it up and throw it in the garbage." Anna shows up and waits but he doesn't come. This is dramatic irony because we know that he is not going to show up but, she doesn't and waits for him anyways.
The two characters Donna and Anna well described our theme that "wealth and beauty does not lead to happiness." Donna's jealousy of Anna's wealth, beauty and popularity didn't let her get the happiness. Anna's wealth and beauty couldn't buy her love or happiness.
Table of Contents
1. A video on Jealousy
2.Theme Statement
3. Plot
4. Conflict
5. Characters
6. Irony
7. Conclusion
Video about dealing with jealousy
These internal and external conflicts are in relation to the theme statement because jealousy between Anna and Donna developed
which caused a variety of conflicts not only between them but
also with other characters such as Michael. With the conflicts that occured with them, it ruined Anna's relationship as well
Donna's opportunity to get Michael. This means that Anna
and Donna did not get what they wanted at the end


In conclusion, the theme of the story
"Golden Girl" which is "wealth and beauty does not lead to happiness" was shown through out the presentation in the characters, conflict, irony as well as the plot. The theme statement of the story
relates well with the topics that we covered because in those topics, it was well explained how Donna was jealous of Anna's wealth and beauty however at the end, she did not get what she wanted by being a fake friend to Anna to gain popularity. Anna wanted to impress McCallum with her astonishing beauty and wealth however at the end, even she didnt get what she wanted either. So the theme statement covered what the story was all about.

Anna slow dances with Mr. McCallum during the school dance in front of the whole school.
Anna writes Mr. McCallum a note that confessed her love for him. In the note she asks Mr. McCallum to meet her at a coffee shop.
Mr McCallum never shows up at the coffee shop. Anna is heartbroken because he doesn't feel the same way about her.
Donna tries to break Anna and Micheal up so she shows him the note. However,Michael defended Anna and chose her over Donna.
Everything goes on as it had before. Anna is still the most popular and Donna is still jealous of Anna.
The plot supports our theme statement because Anna had all the good looks and wealth. However, she wasn't truly happy with her life. Her looks and wealth didn't help her get Mr. McCallum to fall in love with her.

Donna became friends with Anna so she could be popular. Unfortunately for her, she didn't really get anything good out of the friendship. She was miserable with her life and always jealous of Anna's beauty and money.
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