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Todd Heitkamp

on 19 February 2014

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North Residential District Transformation

Eleven buildings being demoed (Seven Residence Halls) and (Four Lane Avenue Row Houses)
Eleven new buildings constructed
Adding 3,882 new beds
New dining facilities and recreation facilities
Second-year Transformational Experience Program
Complete for Fall Semester 2016
Project cost of 370 million dollars
Current Project Budget for Design Build is $305M
When is design assist appropriate?
Fast pace projects
Early on in the project
Design Build and CM at Risk
Large and small projects
Public and private projects
Image by Tom Mooring
Todd Heitkamp

What are the disadvantages of design assist?
How will the process take place on the NRDT project?
Third floor of Halloran House dedicated for the design team and the design assist process
Design assist contracts will be awarded to prequalified bidders for most of the MEP items
Plan on using design assist for three buildings and using discovered information on the other buildings
Design assist contractors will assist with purchasing items in bulk
Experts in construction supporting the experts in design
NRDT Contract Delivery Method
Design Assist
What is design assist?
What are the benefits of design assist?
What are the disadvantages of design assist?
How will the process take place on the North Residential District Transformation project?
When is design assist appropriate?
What are the expectations of OSU/Facilities Operations and Development (FOD), Subcontractors, and the Engineering/Architect about the design assist process?

Design Build
Fast Pace Schedule
Not overly complex
Many of the same floor plans
April 18, 2013

Ohio State announces "Messer Construction will lead the project team that will finalize the design and move forward with construction for the renovation of the North Residential District."
What is design assist?
A project delivery method in which the construction team collaborates with the architect/engineer during the design phase.
What are the benefits of design assist?
Owners view
Ohio State's first design build project of this size
A little nerve racking
Learning experience
Prequalify contractors
Ohio State's expectations for design assist
Trades have better relationships
Less conflicts between General Contractor and Architect/Engineer
Less risk for Ohio State
Surprises knocked out early
Experts in design and experts in construction working together
Reduces surprise cost
Produces best set of construction drawings
Only need to work with one group
Decisions are made early on
Proceed with incomplete drawings
Architect/Engineer does not act as an agent anymore
No sure way of measuring success
Need to trust the design build team has the best intentions for Ohio State
A lot of work early one with 7 guaranteed max price contracts to be awarded
HVAC Contractor's View
Disadvantages of design assist:
Hard to measure success
Sometimes designers do not want contractors input "Do not want contractor to destroy their dream design"
Sometimes owners do not understand the design assist process
Hard to track cost

Advantages of design assist:
Alternative ideas
Smoother construction process
More accurate drawings
Better relationships

Keys to success "More of an art form than a science"
Timing = Early
Roles = Clearly defined
Team = Cooperative and same goal
Ohio Construction Reform
Document 00 72 53 - General Conditions (Design-Build Contract)
State of Ohio Standard Requirements for Public Facility Construction
4.1.2 If the DB engages a “design-assist firm” as described under ORC Section 153.50, subject to the Contracting Authority’s approval, that entity (1) will be considered a Consultant under the Contract while performing Preconstruction Stage Services and (2) before that entity performs any Construction Stage Work, it shall be subject to all Applicable Law and Contract provisions concerning the prequalification, bidding, selection, and engagement of Subcontractors. Subject to the foregoing requirements, Example. The DB may engage a design-assist firm as a Consultant immediately after the DB enters into the Agreement.

Under this example, the DB would not be obligated to engage the design-assist firm to provide the associated Work as a Subcontractor, but could under Applicable Law award the Subcontract to the design-assist firm even if the design-assist firm does not submit the lowest Bid.

• On June 30, 2011, Governor Kasich signed House Bill 153 (Ohio Construction Reform) which opened public construction to the design-build delivery method. Through design-build, design assist can be utilized.
the DB may engage a design-assist firm at any point in the Project that it determines is appropriate or necessary.
That design-assist firm may thereafter (1) participate in the development of one or more Bid packages, (2) proceed through the Bidder prequalification process described in this Article 4, and (3) if prequalified, submit a Bid for that Work along with other Bidders.

Reduce cost
More accurate schedule
More efficient schedule
Improve constructability
Added value
Scope of Work
Design assistance
Value engineering
Cost estimating
Site Logistics
Some owners are concerned the pricing may not be competitive
Some subcontractors are concerned they will be liable for the design
Some architects/engineers feel like their turf is being invaded
Added cost and time during the design phase

Designer's View

Work for Messer

Reduce cost
-Different products
-Different methods
Decrease risk

Measure success:
Money savings
Time savings

Common Theme
The key to a successful project is good teamwork, relationships, and communication.
Special Thanks
Kelly Raybourne
Jim Hess
Mac Ware
Works Cited

Pictures obtained from HKS Architects' website.

Information obtained from Ohio State's OSU.EDU Newsroom
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