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Walter Anderson

No description

Amy Manning

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Walter Anderson

Created by: Landon and Yamilka Walter Anderson He was born in September 29,1903 in New Orleans,Louisiana. Walter Anderson died of lung cancer in a New Orleans hospital in November 30, 1965. He was the second of three brothers named Peter and Mac Anderson. Walter's parents often encouraged him with art,books,and music in his childhood in Gulf Coast. Walter's Life He married Agnes Grinstead. He and his brother,Mac,built an attachment to their older brother's pottery shop. He had four children Mary, Billy, Leif, and John. Later in life he was diagnosed with schizophrenic. Walter's Adult Life He is considered a Famous Mississippian because he won the Packard Award for his animal drawing. Walter attended the Parsons Institute of Design in New York from 1922 to 1923. He also attended Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia from 1923 to 1928. Walter won several awards like the Cresson Awards. Why he is a Famous
Mississippians? Walter Anderson's paintings inspire us and make us feel good. He has so many paintings it is beautiful to look at. Accomplishments
Each time Walter was placed in a mental institution he devised a plan and escaped. During his last years he continuously visited Horn Island. Walter's mother was an artist,and musician. His father was a grain merchant.
Interesting Facts We chose this person because we both are very
interested in art and we knew a lot about him. His paintings are beautiful and creative. Plus we both love his books that he wrote. Why we chose Walter Anderson
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