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Our Story

No description

Jonathan Burgess

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Our Story

Boy meets Girl
Man with the Tape
Hearts Across the Ocean
Fun Times
Meet the Family
Imagine the Future
The Proposal
A Mad Hatter, Tea Party Campaign Manager,
and US Green Building Council volunteer...
...meets an Energy Management Professional dressed in a recycled schoolgirl costume....
Love at first sight?
"You know Lindsay, you may date the men with the money, the muscles... but one day you will marry the man with the tape..."
Once Upon a time....
Jon: Here, let me fix that for you,
I've got tape in my car...
My Hero!!
Maybe not...
Later that night...
Um, is this the Facilities Managers Assocation tour? I think we're lost...
Jon's Inner Monologue, Valentine's Day 2011.
"With 1 hour to spare between the time I pick her up for our 1st Valentine's Day Dinner and her 7pm conference call, fancy restaurant plans are OUT...
Plan B:
Set up a candlelit homemade dinner for two at our favorite public waterfront park.
But who will watch the table in the park between the time I set it up and get back from picking up Lindsay?
Smitty, I owe you one...
American Thanksgiving
Italian Thanksgiving
Honey, want to come with
me to the Italian Chamber
of Commerce networking
event next week?
Sure, but I don't
know any Italian
Just say 'Piacere'
for 'Nice to meet you'
and you'll do fine...
Next lesson...
go to that sales woman,
say 'Molte borse'
& give her your
credit card.
Watching TV.... Chick Flick
...Barry, I'm not
an art collector,
I'm more of an art
Jon's Parents:
Dan & Betty
Jon's Brother and Sister-In-Law
Matthew and Angela Jo
& their son (Jon's nephew)
Lincoln Paxton Burgess
and their daughters (Jon's nieces)
Shayla Rae & Taylor Rose Burgess
Jon's Brother and Sister-In-Law
Michael and Michele
Jon's Sister
Lindsay's Parents: Jacob and Carole Scherr
Adam Scherr, Lindsay's Brother
Barry Scherr, Lindsay's Uncle
And the Story Continues....
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