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20803 10/4

ENGL 20803 10/4

Peter Simes

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of 20803 10/4

Drafting your RCS Journal RCS Grading Rubric Summary vs. Analysis Reflective Writing Journal
Time! What might this tell you about the argument? What is the difference between summary and analysis? A Reflective Writer: Do I need more information or is my knowledge of the topic adequate? Improves writing by thinking about writing Drafting and Prewriting your RCS You should include more information beyond what is included in the charts especially if it is relevant to your analysis Have a reason for each one of your decisions Why you chose the topic Today Looking Forward Tuesday 10/9 Fall Break! NO CLASS! RCS Due by 11:59 pm in PLS Dropbox RCS Rough Draft due by 11:59 pm in PLS Doc Sharing Wednesday 10/10 Practice Workshop Thursday 10/11 Monday 10/15 Thursday 10/18 Comments on Group's Essays due by 11:59 pm in "First Draft Online Workshop" Discussion Thread Workshop follow-up Tuesday 10/16 1 4 Friday 10/19 Read Sample Essay Read workshop comments on your work Revising the RCS Open a new journal entry titled "RCS Topic" Answer the following questions: What is your issue? What is the community in which this issue is discussed? What group(s) of people are involved? Who are the stakeholders? Who does the issue affect? Who is presenting the perspectives you have identified? Thinks about writing throughout the process Adjusts to meet specific goals Connects new ideas to established ideas Is critical of the writing process Learns from what he or she writes Have I stated everything clearly? Have I explained my main point adequately? Do I connect important ideas to the readers? Why am I writing this? What is my purpose and what do I want readers to come away with? Do I understand what I have said? Am I using words in special or unusual ways? Have I explained special meanings to readers? Is everything accurate? Last day to drop! Complete your RAC and Toulmin charts BEFORE you begin writing your RCS If you have RACs and TCs done for at least one source, you can begin the process Begin by outlining the information you have in your charts Once you have this basic outline complete, think about how you will arrange the information in your essay Review your outline when it is complete and think about your introductory paragraph Introduce your topic The community you are discussing The arguments you are examining The importance of the issue, etc.
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