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emily harris

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Gerbils

GERBILS Characteristics
Fur colored to camouflage in sand
Keen hearing
Hops using tail Structural adaptations Long tail for balance
Fur on feet for protection from heat on ground
fur on body By: Emily Harris Homeostasis The brain sends signals to tell the gerbil it's hungry.

Warmblooded so it maintains it body temp. at 98.6F Make thumping sound to warn others of danger

Stands on hind legs to see further Behavioral adaptations Consequences ofchange in abiotic factors If there was no water the plants would die and the gerbil would have nothing to eat and no water to drink. grass grain and fruit worms gerbil insects flowers snakes hawks eagles Tawny owl Sources thewildclassroom.com
Bing.com(thats what it said in the adressbar)
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