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Tools for Creative Thinking

Ways to add interest to your artwork

Christine Roberts

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of Tools for Creative Thinking

Tools for Creative Thinking
juxtaposition, juxtapose - The state or position of being placed close together or side by side, so as to permit comparison or contrast.
j u x t a p o s e
The same elements used over and over again. A certain color or shape might be used several times in the same picture.
r e p e a t
To bring in an object or objects to give the work more interest
a d d
i s o l a t e
When a person, thing, or group that is set apart or isolated, as for purposes of study or emphasis.
To give life or more movement to an object that would otherwise be basically still.
a n i m a t e
To set or place an image or object on or over something else.
s u p e r i m p o s e
a l t e r
To make different in some particular, as size, style, course, or the like; modify
To break (something) into pieces or fragments; cause to disintegrate
f r a g m e n t
Making elements or objects larger or smaller than the 'actual size' of the object in 'real life'.
To withdraw or take away an object or area, as a part from a whole...to take away.
c h a n g e s c a l e
s u b t r a c t
To twist out of shape; make crooked or deformed.
d i s t o r t
To bring into or join in a close union or whole; unite. Make objects work as one.
c o m b i n e
To replace something in the image to create interest or emphasis. To 'switch out' on object for another.
s u b s t i t u t e
The Persistence of Memory~ Salvador Dali
Far From the Tree
Galatea of the Spheres-1952-Salvador Dali
Le Plagiat Plagiary
Personal Values
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