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5 Seconds of Summer

No description

madison sousa

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of 5 Seconds of Summer

Luke Robert Hemmings
Born July 16,1996 .
Australian .
Mom is math teacher . Siblings- Ben & Jack .
Band says he is the most responsible .
Ashton Fletcher Irwin
July 7,1994 .
Australian & American .
Mom- Anne Marie . Siblings- Harry & Lauren Irwin .
Band says he is the best listener .
Calum Thomas Hood
Born January 25,1996 .
Kiwi (New Zealand) , & Scottish .
Mom- Joy . Siblings- Mali Hood .
Band says he is most feminine & has best butt in group .
Micheal Gordon Clifford
Born November 20, 1995 .
English, Scottish, Irish, German, & Australian .
Mom - Karen . No siblings
Natural hair is blonde, Current is purple .
On March 8, 2012 #5secondsofsummer trended for the first time world wide
Try Hard is 5sos's biggest hit so far .
If the the band was not named 5 seconds of summer it'd be Bromance .
Their favorite place is Australia .
They dont consider themselves famous .
The boys thought of the name 5 seconds of summer in math class .
They thought of auditioning for X factor but didnt want to be known as 'the band from X factor'
5 Seconds of Summer
About 5 seconds of summer
Songs by 5 seconds of summer
Gotta Get Out
Too Late
Out of my Limit
Beside You
Green Light
Heartbreak Girl
Lost Boy
Over and Over
Try Hard
Voodoo Doll
Wherever You Are
Bad Dreams
Everything I Want
Cant Wait to be 18
Good Girls Are Bad Girls
Ive Got This Friend
5 Seconds of Sumer
Madison Sousa
Nya Menoze
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