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Lit 1

Black Water DOOM!!!!!

Amos Chen

on 18 November 2010

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Transcript of Lit 1

Black Water The Pendragon series was written by Donald James MacHale, known popularly under the pen name D. J. MacHale, is a writer, director, and executive producer. He has been affiliated with shows such as Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Flight 29 Down and Seasonal Differences. MacHale is also the author of the popular young adult book series, Pendragon. The Author About the Author MacHale was born in March 11, 1956 in Greenwich, CT. During his time at Greenwich High School, he reportedly had multiple part-time jobs and was on two sports teams (football and track).

Upon graduation, MacHale attended New York University and got a BFA in film production. He never enjoyed writing until college, where his screenwriting teacher (Pat Cooper) changed his
MacHale won the CableACE Award for his series Chris Cross and the Gemini Award for Are you Afraid of the Dark?. Machale won a Cableace nomination for The Tale of Cutter's Treasure, a Gemini nomination for The tale of the Dangerous Soup, a Writer's Guild of America nomination and a Director's Guild of America nomination for his popular kids TV Series, Flight 29 Down, and a Cableace nomination for Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective, a movie series Examples of His Work ABC Afterschool Special (TV Series)
Are You Afraid of the Dark? (TV Series)
The Tale of Cutter's Treasure (Movie)
The Tale of the Dangerous Soup (Movie)
Tower of Terror (Movie)
Flight 29 Down (TV Series)
Seasonal Differences (TV Series)
Ghostwriter (TV Series)
Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective (Movie Series)
Pendragon: Journal of an Adventure Through Time and Space (Book Series)
East of the Sun, and West of the Moon (Penned Adaptation)
Chris Cross (TV Series) This book, the fifth of the series, is written as two different subplots happening at the same time. One subplot is Bobby's adventures in the territory of Eelong, but the story also tells of his friends back on Second Earth, Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde, who read of Bobby's adventures in the journals he sends them.
Way this Series is Presented Short Summary of the Story There, Bobby discovers a society wherein humans do only menial work, dominated and even enslaved by biped felines called Klee.
The enslaved humans, called Gar by their oppressors, have begun a revolution. Eelong Worse, Saint Dane is trying to stir up genocide. To do so, he has poisoned the crops gathered by the races of Eelong, urged the Klee to hunt and eat the Gar, and arranged for Black Water to be bombarded by toxic gases.
Characters of Black Water and Some of the Other Books Bobby Pendragon - Main character throughout the books.

Saint Dane - An evil, shapeshifting demon who wants the collapse of the territories. On Eelong, he takes the forms of Timber, a high-ranking member of the Council of Klee (Eelong's governing body), a bird, and Yorn, Seegen's acolyte. Also takes form of young Gar girl.

Mark Dimond - One of Bobby's acolytes and his best friend.
Courtney Chetwynde - Bobby's girlfriend and other acolyte.

Seegen - Elder Traveler on Eelong, killed by Saint Dane as Yorn from eating poisoned food. He was Kasha's father.

Kasha - Seegen's daughter, and the Traveler from Eelong. Killed when Eelong's flume collapses.

Boon - Kasha's acolyte and best friend.
Vincent "Gunny" Van Dyke - Traveler from First Earth. He is trapped on Eelong when the flume collapses.

Vo Spader - Traveler from Cloral. Trapped on Eelong when the flume collapses.

Ranjin - Leader of the Council of Klee. For a short time, he gives up his position to Saint Dane as Timber, but he resumes the post after the turning point.
Aron - Leader of the gars and Black Water.

Loor - Traveler from Zadaa.

Yorn - Saint Dane in disguise, a really old and supposedly wise klee. Was Seegen's acolyte before killed and identity assumed by Saint Dane.
Klee means Cat in Second Earth Tongue Also in every book there is a turning point for every territory. The intervention of Travelers and Saint Dane decides the fate. Will the territory crumble or flourish??? Vocab Special to the Series! The names of the places, like Denduron, Second Earth, Veelox.

Flume: Way Travellers use to go to different territories.

Travellers: People from the 10 territories that can use flume
and are helped by their acolytes.

Quig: Beasts of various shapes created by Saint Dane, try to
keep Travellers from the flumes

Why it's different and cool to me! The series is different because is written in a way that I have not seen before. Way the Writter Writes! DJ Machale writing style is unique because he uses I a lot and words that describe talking.
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