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The hunger games

Englishpresentation: 3 read 1

Mark Nikisch

on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of The hunger games

a bit cruel

Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mellark Summary The district 12 sister PrimRose volunteer for her sister hunter 16 years old best friend Gale her father is died bow and arrow Katniss &
Peeta The laws of Panem Every year two tributes from all the districts They fight in an arena against each other ONLY ONE CAN SURVIVE dad is baker his mom often hits him 11 points Katniss
& Rue Rue will be killed the Careers loves Katniss knows Katniss
since childhood they change the rules
two of one district can win sitting on the tree girl on fire Katniss and Peeta in love By Lars Mark and
Olli The Book very interesting Bread-Story two brothers 4 of 5 stars easy to understand too long It`s the first part of a trilogy Mark by Lars every year in an different area (desert / forest ...) district 13 beginns
a war against the capitol THE END ? Author she's 50 years old worked for Nickelodeon inspired by Greek myth and her fathers career in the Air force the wonderful world of preparing prezi! The Careers Suzanne Collin the book was published in 2008 The real End !
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