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Evidence of Evolution

No description

Adam Taylor

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Evidence of Evolution

Which embryo is human, cat, mouse, or dolphin?
If you look carefully you
can see arm and leg buds
Without looking carefully you
can see a tale on all 4 embryos
If you were related to someone,
would you be able to tell by looking?

If you found a fossil with legs for walking and gills for
breathing in water, where would you say the animal lives
and why?
talk with your shoulder partner.
Most mammals ancestors had
5 toes. What is this?

Horses have 1 toe. What do we need
to show they evolved from 5 toes animals
Talk with back partner
I only see one toe per leg, You?
Hint, if horses evolved from 5 toe
mammals should there be evidence?
where would we find it?
What should we find?
Get into groups of three.
What is the definition of transitional species? - write it down. Put on the computers
Draw a tranistional species
Transitional species -are the fossilized remains
of intermediary forms of life that illustrate an
evolutionary transition.
Most scientists believe birds evolved from dinosaurs
If that is true what evidence would we need
start by looking at the characteristics of small dinosaurs
make a list and compare differences between birds and dinosaurs
Now draw a transitional species between
dinosaurs and birds.
Why do some whales
still have hips
Why do moles
still have eyes?
How many toes and fingers do most tetrapods have?
What about horses?
Draw the transition from a
5 toe horse to a 1 toe horse.
Should we be able to find
the transition in the fossil record?
part of class look up asexual lizards
Part of class look up pseudo-copulation
So baleen whales evolved from toothed whales
Natural selection review
the mutations must be beneficial to take hold in a population
genes and structures do not disappear unless it provides a selective advantage.
once in a while the horse toe bones don't
fold back the way they should
Pause here and move to next slide
finish clip till end of horse
Crazy that the gene for more toes is still in the DNA
Homology - Study of Likeness
save till the end of homology just before embryo
Homology of bones
Dolphin, Whale Evolution
5 traits that show dolphins and whales evolved from land animals? -
Talk with side partners.
How do dolphins breathe?
Do you know any amimals on land that
go to water to breathe?
How do Dolphins feed their babies?
Do fish feed their babies with liquid?
Why not?
Dolphins still have genes for smell.
Horse evolution
Vestige = Body part or gene that has lost its original function
Other vestiges
Talk, - other organisms with organs, limbs, genes, that no longer function the same.
Mole eyes under skin and fur. No eye lids
Wings not used for flying
Body parts
My python's legs
Humans have 99 smelling genes
but only 30 actually work
Bloodless ice fish
still has the genes for hemoglobin
A retrovirus - when the DNA of a virus becomes part of the DNA of the host.
Retrovirus attacted the second gen and got into the DNA
http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2441367/posts - retroviruses apes
Telomere - TTAGGG
Retroviruses are old viruses in our DNA they get passed from Generation to Generation. if we are related should we share a retro virus?
If you and I both had the same virus in the DNA what would that tell us?
Evidence for Evolution

https:// www.youtube.com /watch?v=I2C-3PjNGok
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