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No description

Kendra Tufts

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Blobfish

Blobfish By: Kendra Tufts 3/7/14
What's a blobfish?
A blobfish is a deep water sea creature and it was voted ugliest animal. Not many people know what a blobfish is.
The Society wanted a ugly endangered animal because the ugly ones are hardly even known and the cute ones are and have funding. The Society needed a ugly mascot. They got comedians to come together to pick one each. Then the world would vote what animal would be mascot.
Ugly Animal
Preservation Society (UAPS)
Paul Foot
Paul foot is a UK comedian. He picked the blobfish and he got a certificate, since the blobfish got the most votes.
The Comedians
There were 11 comedians and they each got to pick their own animal. Watt, the "president for life" of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, made a YouTube channel for the comedians to make videos about their animal.
Pictures of the blobfish
Some the Competition for mascot
How it swims
The blobfish has a jelly-like body which has a density lower then water. That lets them float around the bottom of the ocean.
Where it lives
Off the coast of southeastern Australia and Tasmania at 2,000-4,000 feet below the sea, near the bottom of the ocean. That's why there's hardly any sightings.
How the blobfish eats
It eats organic particles, bacteria, and other sea animals such as lobsters, crabs, urchins, and other slow moving, ocean bottom feeders.
What it looks like
The blobfish has a big nose and sad, beady eyes. Its face is human-like. When its taken out of water its nose and lips shrink.
Why is it endangered?
The blobfish is endangered due to over fishing and it shares a habitat with crabs and lobster. When the fishermen are trying to catch lobsters and crabs the blobfish gets in the nets too.
Where the blobfish lives is where fishermen practice trawling. Trawling is a fishing method where fishermen cast their nets to the very bottom of the ocean to catch crab and lobsters.
Blobfish hardly have any muscles. That means they just float round the bottom of the ocean. When the blobfish get in the fishermen nets they can't try to get out because they hardly have any muscles.
How old can they be?
Deep water animals mostly live longer then shallow water animals. Some deep water animals live to be 130 years old because slow rate of reproduction, growth, and aging.
The blobfish is a ugly fish. The blobfish needs help since it's endangered. There is still a lot about the blobfish that we still don't know.
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