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Thanksgiving in Hawaii

A lesson of developing language proficiency with cultural comparison and contrast.

Thuy Linh Nguyen

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Thanksgiving in Hawaii

THANKSGIVING Developed by: Darlin Sia
Thuy Linh
Teachers from 5 Zones all over the country.
A mix of new and experienced teachers. Workshop Context In Brunei: In Vietnam: 40 teachers of English in Faculty of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University.
Teaching first year English majored students. Lesson Context * In Brunei: Students’ age range from 16 – 18.
They are in the upper secondary level (Years 9 & 10)
They are preparing to sit for the GCE O Level public examination.
Class size may range from 25 – 35 students.
ICT availability varies from school to school but it is assumed that all classes have the opportunity to use a computer lab at least once a week.

Students are at their intermediate level, in their first semester at university.
The focus is on language proficiency, not grammar.
Class size is usually of 35, supported with projector and speakers in each room.
* In Vietnam:
Students will understand and learn about the origin, significance, and ways people celebrate Thanksgiving in Hawaii, U.S.
Students will also make comparisons and contrasts between Thanksgiving and their Tet holiday in Vietnam/ Hari Raya Celebrations in Brunei. Rationale for choosing the topic Significant historical, social and family values, unique to the U.S Good cultural comparison and contrast of a shared value which is family reunion Fortunate coincidence with first hand experience Cultural Objectives Students will study a recipe of roasted turkey for Thanksgiving in the U.S and share recipes of traditional food for celebrations in their country - Simple past tense
- Vocabulary relating to Thanksgiving and cooking
- Transition words of sequences
- Language of instruction Language Focus Language skills: - Give an oral presentation on how their friends celebrated their latest Tet holiday/ Hari Raya celebration in Vietnam/ Brunei.
- Write a recipe of making traditional dishes for the occasions.   A good review of Past Tense which is a common error made by Bruneian students due to the influence of the L1 (Malay).
A meaningful communicative situation for developing oral proficiency.
A good reason for vocabulary expansion on festivals and cooking themes (in Vietnam)
Transition words are high frequency words used in all types of speaking and writing to describe a chain of events. Grammar & Vocabulary: Rationale for the Language Objectives Language input -> production(vocabulary provided & recycled, reading + listening -> speaking, writing)
Interesting stimulus activities before reflecting on their own similar cultural aspects.
All sections designed with pre-activities which provide language focus and models.
Tasks designed from easy, general -> more demanding, detailed (in reading)
Variety of work division (individual, whole class, pair, group work) Sequences of the Lesson Activity with cultural objectives: Reading: Activity with language objectives: Writing
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