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Computer Programming

No description

janet kurth

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Computer Programming

What is Programming?
What is Coding?
Computer Programming
By:Aaliyah Sherfuddin
The first computer (created by Herman Hollerith) was made on February 15th, 1949!
Programming is the action of writing computer programs. Computers have been programmed for a long time. Programming is STILL popular today after the invention of the computer.

I am going to teach you about programming today!

What is binary code?
It's a code that only uses powers of 2(numbers 1 and 0) to represent characters in a computer such as letters in the alphabet and more. At first, code is in any computing language of your choice. Then, it is converted into binary code. Binary code is the main code a computer follows.
Commands are just instructions that tell a computer to execute one of its basic features. It can be short words, numbers, or even your own made-up word. Commands are very hard to memorize because there are so many of them! You may make some mistakes. So you have to be patient and keep iterating them until you are satisfied.
Computer Programs are the most complicated thing made by human!
What would happen if there were NO programmers?
Some things you should think about...
Computer programs can control everything like controlling a real airplane in the air!
Most programmers earn a lot of money, which is VERY useful!
Programming can also save fossil fuels by programming a GPS to help cars and trucks!
Did you know...
There are so many languages!!!!!
The first computer with a screen was made in 1996 by Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak.
Charles Babbage is the person who started the
of the computer(He eventually never succeeded in his attempts to make it). He made modern devices that would do numerous things. One of the devices was used for calculating. This particular machine was programmable. So then, Ava Lovelace, a colleague of Babbage , programmed this device. She is known as the world's first computer programmer.
Computers can't understand English. It can only understand a language called binary code.
The Black Art of Programming
By:Mark Mcllroy
Blue Sky Technology
Published on September 2013
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