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Green Day

A presentation about Green Day! All about the amazing history, members, albums and more! Created by Casey Phelps, Shontell Thomas, and Elizabeth Klaehn! Hope y'all like it :) Stay Gold.

Elizabeth Klaehn

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong
How It Started
Green Day Albums
At first named Sweet Children and it only had Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong
1986, they meet John Kiffmeyer and change band name to Green Day shortly afterwards
Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer of Green Day. He could sing and play the guitar and he is an actor. He has a wife and two kids that he does love a lot. Billie Joe's father gave him his very first guitar, but his father died when he was 10 years old. He later wrote a song for his dad called "Wake Me Up When September Ends." He was devastated when his dad died.

Though he did not get over it he still did what he liked to do and that was to make music. He has made a record label called Sweet Children. He is still making songs for his band to this day. He was born on February 17, 1972. He has met all of his band members as a kid and they decided to go with their dreams and finish it to the fullest.
How They Are Popular Now
The album that helped them get their name was called "Dookie," created in 1994
This album won the 1994 Grammy for Best Alternative Album
Their most popular album they made was called "American Idiot" made in 2004, it was the top album in five countries
Mike Dirnt
Mike Dirnt is the guitar player in the band Green Day. Mike found out he had the same love for punk-rock as Billie Joe. They became really good friends and they have wanted to create a band together like they always wanted.

Mike was the lead guitarist in the band. He got the nickname Dirnt because everytime he would pretend to pluck the guitar strings he would make a "Dirnt, dirnt, dirnt" noise. He was the lead guitarist in their band besides Billie Joe.
More About The History of the Band
In the late 1990s John Kiffmeyer stopped playing in the band so that he could go to college
The next drummer Green Day got was Tre Cool, and stayed in the band ever since
Tre Cool
Tre is the drummer of the band Green Day. He has met Billie Joe after he replaced Green Days old drummer John Kiffmeyer. Tre Cool would help sing along with Billie Joe during their concerts. He was born on December 9, 1972.

Tre decided to keep his nickname Tre since in french it means "very" and he kept his last name cool meaning that he was "very Cool." He has sang to a lot of their songs since he has joined and they do like doing what they do.
1,000 Hours (1989)
1039 smoothed out sloppy hours (1990) Kerplunk(1991)
Dookie (1994)
Longveiw Insomniac (1995)
Nimrod (1997)
Warning (2000)
International Superhits(2001) Shenanigans (2002)
American Idiot (2004)
21st Century Breakdown (2009)
UNO! DOS! TRE! (2012)
The network (2003), Fox burro hot tubs (2007), and Foreverly (2013)

The End
Ex Band Members
The ex Band members are the members that used to be in this band. The members that are no longer in the band are John Kiffmeyer, raj punjabi, and Dave Henwood (ex Drummers) Sean Hughes (ex bass guitar player) Jason White (ex lead guitarist)
Interesting Facts
The real origin of the name Green Day is also from Ernie from Sesame Street said the frase Green Day in one of the shows and it kinda was funny for the guys. Al Sobrante wrote Green Day on the back of his jacket and it kinda caught on from there and they decided to use it as their band's name
Mike and Billie were 15 years old when they started the band
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