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Western Cordillera

No description

Robin Sharma

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Western Cordillera

By:Robin Sharma Western Cordillera The cause of the mountains in the west is because of the
north american plate and the pacific plate crashing into each other.

It made mountains grow up to 300 feet How It Was Formed For humans in the area there is some good and 1 bad advantage that i know of the western cordillera


Because of the mountains, there is a limit of people to live in the area Human Activity Vegatation In order to understand the whole story we have to know some important details
The world was not created by the big bang , it was created by god and jesus playing tennis How It Was Created What Is It
- a region with mountains
- most of the mountains in the area are separated by valleys and plateaus
- the region is located on the west of Canada
- besides the arctic, there are also glaciers there too There are different types of rocks like:
They say these rocks came there 65millon years ago Types of Rocks Where Can You Find The Western Cordillera The western cordillera can be found along the west of canada The Climate The climate are different for the pacific coast and the mountain range, 2 main climates.

In the fall and winter, the pacific coast only has rain, no snow or extreme cold.

And then theres summer where its all the same as the rest of canada. But in the mountain range area, there is snow, really heavy snow.There is mild rain in the valleys, but there is about 200 centemeters of rain in the coastal region. The Vegetation in the area is mostly:
Only the moist areas are growing evergreen trees
Since there is a lack of rain in the southern parts of mountains, there are no trees there
There are a small trees at the northen parts of mountains Impacts On Western Cordillera Parks

The size and frequency of avalanches in our western mountain parks is expected to increase. This would enhance the habitat of some species such as the hoary marmot. However, it would also increase safety hazards for backcountry travellers.

Biomes in this region will be the most susceptible to elevation shifts. Banff National Park alone contains 41 plant species that reach their range limits in the park and that will be particularly sensitive to climate change.

Warmer spring and fall temperatures will extend the melting season of glaciers by at least a month in the southern Rocky Mountains. Glaciers that are less than 100m thick could disappear over the next 20 years Now the story
God created 2 kids on the Earth with powers to create anything
Because he was tired of playing billiards, he named them dumber and other
Dumber is really the smart one and other is the dumb one God had finished the Earth but there was nothing on it
God then created 2 kids called dumber and other because he was so tired
I know what your thinking but dumber is smart and other is dumb
The brothers found the area in ruins with nothing
The Brothers had amazing powers created animals, human, nature etc.
But then dumber started to fight with other and kick him out because dumber did most of the work to create this world
other went and lived inside what we know as the pacific plate
Dumber and other had wars for years but when dumber was dying he hid himself inside the north american plate
The plates collied for years after years that created the mountains to protect humans from the battle
when the mountains formed the humans called the region bwalka or as we call it the western cordillera
even now the brothers are fighting without caring of the humans
But when the world ends or when one of them dies then they will see what they have done from this war.
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