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California Salinas Valley

No description

alex fielder

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of California Salinas Valley

By: Alex Fielder and Sean Higgins California Salinas Valley The California Salinas Valley Today More information on the California Salinas Valley Today The California Salinas Valley during the late 1930's More Information on the California Salinas Valley in the 1930's The California Salinas Valley is located in the central coast region of California. The Valley is framed by mountain ranges on the east and west. The north end of the valley is open to the Pacific ocean. The Pacific ocean is a source of marine influence that cools the valley and allows a wide variety of crops to grow there. There are 1.4 million acres of land in the Salinas Valley 220,000 of those acres act as irrigated land. The Salinas Valley is mainly used as an agricultural area because of all the land there that is able to be farmed. Several towns inhabit the valley. The temperature is mild all year round and people can enjoy a beautiful coastline any time of the year. There are a variety of growers, shippers, wineries, and thousands of other businesses that support the valley financially and agriculturally. Multiple displaced farmers headed to California during the Great Depression. But many workers were laid off and the wages dropped from $3.50 a day to $1.90 a day. Many strikes and violence preceded the start the Great Depression. Violence towards Filipino workers greatly increased and people pushed for local actions to keep immigrants out of the valley. The agricultural products of the valley generated a great deal of wealth. During the Great Depression the valley saw an influx of workers and a vast increase in the productivity of the valley. The Salinas Valley expanded into an agricultural trade center. The Valley became known as "America's Salad Bowl."
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