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forensic psychology and criminal profiling are effective ways to aid in the catching of criminals

a hopefully fun and interesting way to go about what is usually a morbid subject

Emily Forgo

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of forensic psychology and criminal profiling are effective ways to aid in the catching of criminals

What is Hopefully an Interesting Take on a
Morbid Subject or
Forensic Psychology and Criminal Profiling Are Effective Ways in the Catching of Criminals Coming up with a fun and interesting way to present my topic was not easy, but I eventually figured out a way. a.k.a. The Bribe So What's Forensic Psychology Mean Anyway? Psychology + Court System = Forensic Psychology A Few Common Terms Used in These Practices Modus Operandi This translates to "Mode of Operating" in Latin. In Forensic Psychology and Criminal Profiling it means specific traits and habits that make up the criminal's personality. Signature A behavior or a series of behaviors that a criminal does with each crime that becomes almost as important as the crime itself. And Criminal Profiling? Criminal Profilers take a series of cases and the information given and find connections. What Do They Do? Are they fit to stand trial?

Were they insane when the crime was committed? Axis I vs. Axis II Paradigm TRUE MENTAL ILLNESS EGO OR PERSONALITY DISORDER Types of Profiling Made up of six parts.

Used by the FBI. 1. Profiling Inputs 2. Decsion Process Models 3. Crime Assessment 4. Criminal Profile 5. The Investigation 6. The Apprehension FBI's Crime Scene Analysis Behavioral Evidence Analysis Made up of four steps.

Similar to the FBI's Crime Scene Analysis. Equivocal Forensic Analysis Assessment of the Victim Crime Scene Characteristics Offender Characteristics Biopsychsocial Theory Biology + Psychology + Social Position = A Criminal's Motives BAU - Behavioral Analysis Unit Branch of FBI that deals with forensic psychology and criminal profiling.

Created in the 1970s. Part of the NCAVC - National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime

NCACV is part of CIRG - Critical Incident Response Group

BAU went through three name changes:
It started as the BSU - Behavioral Science Unit
Then became the ISU - Investigative Support Unit
Then the BAU Composed of three units:
Unit 1 - counterterrorism
Unit 2 - crimes against adults
Unit 3 - crimes against children Criminal Profiling and Forensic Psychology in Entertainment Recognize this show?
This show has been found to be one of the most realistic examples of criminal proofiling. C.S.I Effect Positives on the C.S.I. Effect No more smoke and mirrors. Negatives of the C.S.I. Effect Biased Views A Case Where Criminal Profiling and Forensic Psychology Has Helped Over the year 1990, six women were killed in the area. The killer was named the Clairemont Killer. Based on the way they died criminal profiler were able to tell that the killer was:
a young man
a loner
killed in the early morning or late evening
might work at night
might act strangely before or after he killed The killer was a young man named Cleophus Prince. All of the profile on him was correct. Quiz What does Modus Operandi mean? What is a signature? What is forensic psychology? Which disorders make up the Axis II paradigm? Which profiling method has four steps? What does the BAU's Unit 1 do? What is the C.S.I. Effect?
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