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Cholera ppt.

No description

Jane Park

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Cholera ppt.

Aftermath A mystery disease which has killed over 15 million people has expanded not only in Europe but also in Canada. Where did it come from? What is the cause? Is there a cure? Is there a way to stop this dreadful massacre? Introduction The disease spread by trade
Immigrates travelled in overcrowded ships, living in filth and decay
The long journey was spent for weeks in the unsanitary holds in timber ships
Regulations were set for the amount of space of each person, but the regulations were ignored by overcrowded ships
Shiploads of immigrants were infected by cholera or dysentery due to contaminated water and arrived in British North America
Cholera came to Canada in 1832 bringing “a very great mortality of hasty death Origin & Causes Signs & Symptoms Severe diarrhea
Rapid and severe dehydration causing the blood to thicken, skin becomes deathlike and blue
Severe spasm
Fever/ headache
Sunken face
Kidney failure
Drinking contaminated water, producing a toxin in the small intestine causing the wall of the stomach to be porous to water
Low blood pressure
Leathery skin
Irregular heartbeat Myths & Cures Cholera was a deadly disease and was also used as curse.
Well-known as disease of “lower classes”
Scientists and physicians believed cholera was very harmful and contagious
In order for the ships to be “Purified,” poorer passengers were required to cleanse themselves
Made no difference since food supplies were similar
Also thought sun and air released too much oxygen caused cholera
Result: people stopped eating fruits and vegetables
Warnings were given to citizens
Nothing cured them
They believed the air was contaminated and tried to purify it by burning coals. CHOLERA Exact cause of cholera was not determined for decades
Cities needed to have clear water source
Presumed to have come from India
Epidemic cholera spread through the world, killing many thousands
Physicians and scientists believed cholera was not contagious
Treatment of the disease didn’t change
Physicians would be called and treat patients by bleeding or opium
Near the end of 19th century, cholera was known to be a contagious disease caused by a microscopic organism Esther, Jane, Sheena
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