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The present (simple and continuous)

No description

Christiane Emond

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of The present (simple and continuous)

The Present
the simple present
At the affirmative, doesn't need an auxiliary.

Uses the auxiliary "to do" at the negative and interrogative form.

An action done regularly.
"He plays golf every summer."
An action considered true and constant.
EX : water boils at 100 degrees Celcius. (I don’t have to be boiling water to make this observation, and when water is boiling, I don’t have to take the temperature to know it 100 degrees C.)

A permanent situation
Ex : I live in Laurier-Station ( I have not always lived there, it is possible I will one day move, but I don’t see it in the imminent future)

A scheduled future
EX : the movie starts at 8. (With or without me, the movie starts at 8
Fast action sport
HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES !!!!!!!! (the action is too fast to be describing it with the « correct » verb tense (present continuous). Used with sports like boxing and hockey, but not with golf)
Non-Progressive verbs
Some verbs, because of their MEANING, can’t be put at the progressive. They are mostly verb of perception
EX : I believe you (either you believe or you don’t believe, there is no middle ground)

The affirmative
Affirmative (subj +verb)
I verb
You verb
He/she/ it verbs *
We verb
You verb
They verb

The negative form
Negative (subj +aux+ verb)
I don’t verb
You don’t verb
He/she/ it doesn’t verb
We don’t verb
You don’t verb
They don’t verb

"y" rule applies.
"es" when the verb ends in "ss, "sh","ch","x" or "o"
The interrogative form
Do I verb
Do you verb
Does he/she/ it verb
Do we verb
Do you verb
Do they verb

What is the grammar of the simple present?
Bill jogs every day.
Bill never jogs.
Does Bill jog on Sunday?
Jane works hard.
Jane doesn't work hard at all!
Jim builds houses for a living.
What does Jim do for a living?
They play basketball every Sunday.
At what time do you usually eat dinner?

The present continuous
I am verbing
You are verbing
He/she/it is verbing
We are verbing
You are verbing
they are verbing

The Present continuous
I am not verbing
You are not verbing
He/she/it is not verbing
We aren't verbing
You aren't verbing
They aren't verbing
The present continuous
Am I verbing?
Are you verbing?
Is he/she/it verbing?
Are we verbing?
Are you verbing?
The present continuous
1. An action that has started but isn’t over yet.
EX: I am watching hockey. (We don’t know when he started to watch the game or where we are in the game, but we know the game has started and that it isn’t over)

2. A temporary Action
EX: I am living with my sister at the moment. (This would be a temporary arrangement and NEVER a permanent one)
3. A arranged future
EX: We are meeting at 6 on Friday. (It is possible for me to call and cancel or change the appointment)
What is the grammar of the present continuous?
We are having lunch.
We are not having lunch right now.
Are you having lunch right now?
They are singing very nicely.
Usually I work in an office, but this month I am traveling .
Why are the kids sleeping?
What are Bella and Andrew doing?
Bella and Andrew are not playing golf.
We are moving to Packard street this week.
The kids are sleeping.
The CVC rule
When the verb ends in "consonant-vowel-consonant", double the consonant
Any Questions?
Compare these sentences
1. Sara works for her father
Sophie is working for her father.

2. The plane leaves at 6 pm
The bus is leaving at 6 pm.

3. Jon swims in the pool.
Joe is swimming in the pool.

4. Frank is being stupid.
Carol is stupid.
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