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The Myth of the Military Nation

The Myth of the Military Nation: Militarism, Gender, and Education in Turkey. A presentation by: Rick Salvi Robert Avakian Joshua Gurin

Rick Salvi

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Myth of the Military Nation

The Myth of the Military Nation:

Militarism, Gender, and Education in Turkey Current map of Turkey History:
Creation of a Turkish Nation Founded in 1923 from the Anatolian remnants of the Ottoman Empire
Turkey fought a war of independence against multiple enemies from 1919-1923.
After the war of independence, there was a single party political system from 1923-1946
Turkish government systems were based on secular European models. Defining the Nation Defining identity
Exclusion of others
Use of military and educational institutions as a means to reinforce the idea of the nation The Role of the Military Discipline
National Identity
Belief of being 'born' as a warrior The Role of Education "Just as the army is a school, the school is an army" (70).
All students have to take the 'National Security Knowledge' course in high school.
"Nationalism in textbooks is presented as a compulsory ideology..." (121).
One is taught that one is not a 'true' citizen until one completes their military service or duty.
The Role of Gender Where do women fit in terms rights vs. roles?
Equal in war and voting?
The rewriting of history in order to fit women into the national identity
Sahiba Gökçen Mustafa Kemal Things to consider... The artificial construction of a national identity
The militarization of the education system
State propigation of nationalism and militarism
"Lived realities contradicting national identity"

"Turks have been known as a military-nation throughout history ... The Turkish military is synonymous with Turkish national identity" (Istemihan Talay - Aug. 1999)
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