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The Life Cycle of Automobiles

No description

Northeastern University

on 12 August 2018

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Transcript of The Life Cycle of Automobiles

Raw Material
Refining / Processing
Part Fabrication
Subassembly Manufacture
& Use

Cars are transported to the dealers, then purchased and utilized by customers.
Vehicle Disposal
Decommissioned vehicles are brought to facilities for parts removal, then they are shredded to capture materials for recycling. The remaining automobile shedder residue is most often landfilled.
Iron ore and bauxite ore are mined from the earth to create the materials needed to build the car. Coal and petroleum, which provide the energy to refine the materials, is also extracted.
Iron ore is refined and processed to make into pig iron and then steel. Bauxite ore is refined to produce aluminum alloys. Similar processes are undertaken for plastics and glass.
Metals are cast, rolled and/ or shaped into individual parts.
Several parts are assembled to make a subcomponent for the car.
Engine subassembly (4:51).
BMW 6 series Body Shop (5:16)

Automobile assembly line process (4:08).
Subassemblies and smaller parts are assembled together as a final product in Ford facility.
Processing of iron ore (2:23)
Production of a piston for a car engine (5:00).
Disassembling and shredding cars and
their materials recycled.
Photo credits: cdn.benzinga.com
Raw Materials / Resources IN
Effluents / Waste OUT
Process Flow
Materials Reuse

Iron ore extraction video (4:12):
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