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The Impact of Foreign Workers On Malaysian Economic

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Dania Ali

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of The Impact of Foreign Workers On Malaysian Economic

The Impact of Foreign Workers To The Malaysians Economy
GRAPH 2: The total salary paid to the foreign workers.
GRAPH 1: This is the number of the registration of legal foreign workers and PATI
Positive & Negative Effects
Positive effects :
Foreign workers transferring skills and knowledge
Their existence put demands on the growth of public comforts and services

Negative effects :
Jobs opening for locals are decreasing
Over-dependence on foreign workers

Reasons foreign workers come to Malaysia
Enough wages to living.
Hard to get a job in their country.
Many job opprtunities in Malaysia.
Foreign Workers.
- A foreign workers is a person who employed in a country on a temporary basis.
-They are not a citizen.
-Foreign workers are recruited by the company for a limited term.
-Including skill and unskilled, legal and illegal workers. 

Local Workers.
- Potential workforce born in Malaysia.
-Local workers can be recruited directly by the employer.
-Including skill and unskilled qualification.
Economy - the production, distribution or trade and consumption of limited goods and services by different agents in a given geographical location

In 2012, the economy of Malaysia was the third largest economy in South East Asia
Malaysia was 29th largest economy in the world
Productive sectors in Malaysia is construction sector
Conclusion & Recommendation
In conclusion , there are positive and negative effects of foreign workers to Malaysian’s economy. Thus , the government plays an important role on balancing the situation so that the policy of having foreign workers in Malaysia will have maximum benefit to the country. It cannot be denied that foreign workers have been of great assistance in overcoming the labour shortage in the Malaysian. Foreign workers have increased over the past decade due to sustained economic growth . Foreign workers come to Malaysia and working here is very essential to our economy. Besides, the government should discuss to regulate the number of foreign workers entering the country easily. If they are not giving any commitment to our local workers, our industries will be too dependent on foreign workers and local workers will be jobless because the government did not pay them with a high cost. Our industrialization must give the opportunity to our local workers instead of discriminating. Last but not least, hiring foreign workers will bring benefits and also will harm and threaten to our country.

Ways to balance the number of foreign workers with local workers
Train youth in construction field
-This field 100% monopolized by foreign workers.
-Government must offer higher wages in construction field.
Employers need to provide child care centre in the workplace
-This is to attract women to work.
-They would be safe to work.
Only provide employment opportunities for local workers.
-Government and employers need to offer the workers with
reasonable wagens and many benefits.

Companies problem with foreign workers
Do not have enough training
Different language
Absent during working hours
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