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Copy of The Happiest Boy in the World

No description

gindra ranosa

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Happiest Boy in the World

The Happiest Boy in the World
-He is a fifth grade student and a tenant of Ka Ponso. He wanted to go back to school to continue his study (sixth grade).
-He is a rich man. He is the compadre of Julio, father of Jose. Ka Ponso offered Fidela to be a godfather to Fidela's new baby.
-Father of Jose who written to Ka Ponso as his com padre to give his son a chance to go back to school. Exchange for Jose's free work to Ka Ponso's house.
One night, Julio tried to wrote a letter for Ka Ponso. Many months ago when' just now. When he had gone to the municipio in Mansalay to file a homestead application, But for this time it's all about to his boy Jose. He was making favor to Ka Ponso to grant Jose a Scolarship even he know that Ka Ponso expecting a favor back on him. Just like their very first month, Ka Ponso gave them 5 cavans of rice. But Ka POnso noted that they will replace it double.
Ka Ponso
the following day, Jose, a twelve years old boy riding a carabao along the riverbed going to Ka Ponso's place. He met a beast but his father was on his back. Giving him a letter for Ka Ponso. His father told him that take care of that letter.
But as Jose was on his way he is been curious what is the contents of that letter that his father gave on him. He opened it and he is surprised because he saw that his father wanted him to give chance to study. He realized that his father ready to surrender all of material things just to give him a bright and good future. And his father trusted him very well because he know that Jose will study hard.
Thank you for listening ^__^V
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