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Injuries with amnesia


sara haley

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Injuries with amnesia

What is Amnesia ? http://softball4444.glogster.com/edit/httpprezicomtnxw6hgma6dhedit2/ FACTS OF AMNESIA
Amnesia can affect anyone male or female

any age can be affected birth - death

inhaling carbon- monoxide is a way to get
amnesia or any toxic substance

INTERNAL TRAUMA internal trauma is when something
happens such as stroke and it causes
something to happen to the brain Examples are:
a stroke
the liver
the pancreass
a car wreck External Trauma
an injury from the kneck up

mostly anthing that leads straight
the brain Examples are: blow to the brain


small abrasions

small lacerations What does amnesia have to do with the brain Forebrain consists primarily of the cerebrum,
and structures beneath it
part of the midbrain and
the hindbrain Cerebellum is beneath the forebrain

means little brain

continues backinto the
medulla and cuts down
to the spinal cord Cerebral Cortex protects the whole brain

is pink because of the pink
blood vessels why does this matter main itiems that get affected
when you have amnesia Research questions Charlie has amnesia and lost his
memory THE END http://softball4444.glogster.com/glog-3461/ RESEARCH Q. Charlie loses his memory. What is
thats called and how do you lose
your memory?
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