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Technology Final Project

No description

Kevin Nguyen

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Technology Final Project

Kevin Nguyen
Block 7, Technology
February 27, 2014
Technology Final Project
My Prezi Portfolio

PAINT, Word Art and Clip Art
Microsoft has a lot of tools, only when you learn how to use them, they are useful. Throughout Microsoft there are things like EXCEL, PowerPoint, word document, PAINT, etc. In WORD, there is word art and clip art. word art is art with the words (not fonts). Using this can make your presentation or paper look more interesting. Clip art is art from word (pictures), they also make things look more interesting.
Internet Notes, Definitions and Etiquette
Internet Etiquette:
-don't type in capitals
-don't use inappropriate or rude language
-remember that everybody has feelings, don't bully
-pretend your parent is watching what you are doing
-don't be a cyberbully
-follow the golden rule( treat others the way you want to be treated)

Reliable Websites
On the internet, there are many websites. But can you tell which ones are reliable? Well, it depends on the source. If the website ends with .COM, it isn't really going to help you that much. Websites with .ORG is more helpful, but not as helpful and reliable as .EDU/.GOV.

Microprocessor- the brain of the computer
Motherboard- connects all computer parts
Video Card- allows you to see stuff
Sound Card- allows you to hear stuff
Power Supply- provides power for the parts
Hard Drive- space to save files
Case Fans- used to cool down computer
Memory- helps keep computer fast
USB Port- allows to connect keyboard and mouse and transfer data
To figure out if something is reliable, try finding its strengths(pros) and weaknesses(cons)
Technology Final Project
By Kevin Nguyen
Parts of a Computer
Folders, Files and Meaningful Names
Guidelines for Typing a Paper
Sample Work #1: PAINT
Sample Work #2: Favorite Book Ad
Sample Work #3: Dream Trip
What I Still Want to Learn
So far, in the past 12 weeks, I have learned many things in this technology class. I have learned how to use Microsoft Excel, create graphs, use word art, PAINT, the parts of the computer, reliable websites, clip art, basic information on the internet, typing a paper, and more!
Internet Safety:
-never give out personal info
- do not respond do disrespectful messages
-don't trust who people claim they are
-don't open any emails from an unknown person
-parents should know your passwords
-never meet anyone only unless you are with an adult
-just because something is on the internet, it doesn't have to be true
-if it is too good to be true, it is probably fake
1. Identity Theft
2. unwanted viruses
3. Spy ware
4. malware
5. physical harm
PAINT is another program developed by Microsoft. Using PAINT, you can paint online. This is also very useful for art that you turn in online.
Importance of Proplerly Naming a Paper:
It is important to properly name your paper. If you don't, later on when you are looking for it, it will take a while for you to find the paper you need. Its just like organizing your room.
How to Create a Folder:
1. go to desktop
2. right click once
3. scroll down and look for "new"
4. click on new
5. click on folder
How to create a New File:
1. Do steps 1-4 above
2. click on any file you want
How to Save Word Document:
1. go into word document
2. click file button
3. click save as
4.name it (properly)
5. click save in the bottom right corner
Guidelines for Typing a Paper:
-has to have 1 inch margin(top, bottom, sides)
-title is centered
-name, date, block, class name(aligned left/right & single spaced)
-rest of paper double spaced
-font=simple and professional looking
-12 point font
-handwriting fonts should be avoided because it is hard to read them
-indent(half an inch)
-avoid colored text
- (,) (-) (:) (;)= one space
- (.) (?) (!)= two spaces
-good fonts include: Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Ariel because they are professional looking and are easy to read

What I Want to Learn:
I want to learn more and more about technology. This includes: more programs from Microsoft, more coding, more in-dept knowledge about the computer, other functions in the computer that I haven't learned about, and more!
How to use Word Count:
1. look at the bottom of the word document
2. in the bottom left corner, look for word count
Thanks for Reading my Prezi!
Welcome to my Technology Prezi
-try to reproduce each picture from the handout Mrs. Petraglia gave you

Why I chose this Project:
I chose this project because it is colorful and taught me a new skill

What I Learned from the Project:
I learned on skill. I learned how to use Microsoft's PAINT program. With PAINT, I can paint online anytime I want.
-picture of book
-quote from book and author name
-summary of book and description of why it is your favorite book
-use one text box, word art, and clip art

Why I Chose This Project:
I chose this project because I thought that I did really well on it. Also, this project looks really cool.

What I learned From this Project:
I learned how to use clip art, word art, how to format the text boxes and make them look cool(reflection, shadow, etc.)
-choose a place in the world to visit
-word art for name of the place
-insert picture from internet with link
-use clip art and pictures from internet
-make chart (5 columns, 4 rows at least)

Why Did I choose this Project:
I chose this project because it is beautiful. I like the art are how it is formatted, as well as the information

What I Learned:
In this project, I learned how to create charts in Microsoft WORD. I also had more practice with word art, and clip art
URL- uniform resorce locator
Link- takes you to another page
Search Engine- websites that helps you search for information
.COM- commercial
.GOV- government
.ORG- organization
.EDU- education
E-Mail- electronic mail
@- at
\-back slash
/-forward slash
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