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chapter 7 describing learning context

Jeremy Harmer

Fany Alvez

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of chapter 7 describing learning context

teachers faced to individuals who has differents
languagues knowlodge
learning speed
learning style
Large classes
be organized
establish routines
use a different pace for differents activities
maximise individual work
use students
use worksheeps
use pairwork and groupwork
use chorus reaction
take account vision and acoustics.
use the size of your group to your advantage.
Describing learning context
different content and material
different tasks
differents roles
reward early finishers
encourage different students responses
identify students strengths. ( linguistic or non-linguistics
place and means of instruction
Class size
students learn in:
real or virtual environment
large classes
Teaching one to one:
make a good impression
be well prepared
be flexible
adapt to the student
listen and watch
give explanation and guidelines
do not be afraid to say NO
Mixed classes
Differentation strategies
what the teacher does?
responding to students
be flexible
flexible grouping
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