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The Geology Of Isle Royale

It's a science overview

haley ann

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of The Geology Of Isle Royale

Isle Royale! By: Paiton Bartz and Alysa Hanna Isle Royale is 571,790 acres in total area there are over 100 lava flows on Isle Royale there are about 25 sedimentary layers 1 foot thick or more on Isle Royale. Isle Royale covers the biggest island in the world and the world's largest lake! Isle Royale was formed of an ancient volcanic rock called the Canadian Shield History, Physical Features and Attractions. at Isle Royale you can hike, kyak, and boat Isle Royale is an archipelago with over 100 smaller islands. For thousands of years Isle Royale was used for mining copper, fishing and hunting ten ship wrecks happend around different parts of the island History!
Physical Features! Tourist Attractions At Isle Royale they give a guided national park tour. Videos! Historic lighthouses have been standing for more than a century. Isle Royale has a 45 mile hiking trip! lighthouses! there are various animals on Isle Royale on April 3rd, 1940 is when Isle Royale was formed Native americans mined in Isle Royale before the Europeans got there mining began in the late 1800s Isle Royale is a good spot for camping The first lighthouse was lit in 1855 one of the first lighthouses built is at Isle Royale the cost to go in it is 20,000
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