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Allied Diamond Heist

No description

Allyson Trask

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Allied Diamond Heist

Allied Diamond Heist
Where Did It Go???
During World War 2, the Nazi’s took $2,956,608 worth of gold from the gold reserves in the Czech National Bank and $32,200,000 from the National Bank of Hungary.
One of the reasons why they took the gold, from the countries that they conquered, was so that the people would only use their currency, the Reichsmarks. The goal of this was so the people only bought German goods and services.
• They also stole $250,900,000 worth of gold after the conquest of France and deposited it to the Banque de France for safe keeping by the Berlin government.
Stolen Gold!
Germany made Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden neutral so that they didn't have to trade with hostile countries. Germany can trade with their neutral countries, and the neutral contries can trade with the hostile countries. That way Germany could make its currency convertible on the world market.
$100,000,000 worth of Italian gold was took by the Germans when they were forced to withdraw from Southern Italy because they were trying to lead on the Anglo-American forces. That gold ended up in the Reichsbank's National reserves.
Fun Facts
The Guinness Book of World Records claims the Reichsbank treasure as the greatest unsolved mystery in history!
Some people believe that the "Amber Room" was buried with some of the treasure that was stolen.
The total amount of gold stolen was estimated to be around $27,000,000,000 from the conquered European nations.
While the British army were retreating from the Nazis there was a truck with the British Army's payroll and a large number of gold coins and gold that was given to the army for evacuation by Greek banks. The truck tried to cut across the mountains to the coast where Allied warships were waiting to evacuate them, but the team became trapped and they buried the treasure in a cave near Mount Siniatsikon. Then they blocked off the entrance using hand grenades. The treasure is still buried today and is worth over $2,500,000.
In a forest called Mauerwald, the German Secret Police buried thousands of land mines throughout the area. Somewhere in there was the entrance to Wolfschanze, or Wolf's Den, which is the eastern front headquarters of Adolf Hitler. It is said that there is a secret "bank" in there where a Nazi treasure of huge value is still hidden and contains gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphire, and platinum, which is from thousands of churches, museums, and banks in every occupied country and millions of dollars from millions of concentration camp victims.
In a mountain village called San Oreste, there are multitudes of mine shafts. And on May 3, 1944 Nazi SS troops went there and in one of its tunnels, hid a fortune worth $72,000,000. The stash consisted of 60 pounds of gold and a huge amount of jewelry stole by the Nazis from Rome's Jewish community. The Nazis buried it deep within that mountain and is covered with mounds of rock and huge explosions. The only person to successfully find the treasure was sought after and killed.
The Nazi soldiers stole billions of dollars worth of gold from the different European countries they conquered. They stole it mostly to make it easier to trade and so people would only buy German products. The treasure is supposedly buried deep within different mountains in Eastern Europe and Asia. And no one has defiantly confirmed the existence of the treasure.
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