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Isabel's Poems!

My poems for English

Isabel O'Donnell

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Isabel's Poems!

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli by Isabel O'Donnell Isabel's poems Alliteration Grandfather
Gracefully Echoic Five W’s Poem A bug
Crawls into a hole
To get away from a predator
In the dead of night
In the desert Acrostic Poem weekend Waiting waiting waiting
Ever on and on
Eventually coming but not here yet
Keep on waiting
Even if I beg
Never comes faster
Do all I can but I have to wait and wait Wish poem I wish I were
Jennifer Lawrence
On the set of catching fire
Pretending to run through a forest
Bravely Quinzaine Fish need water to survive
If water left earth
Would they die? Rawr a tiger scares a competitor
Meow a cat whines for love
Bark a dog barks at a stranger
Ouink a pig begs for food Cinquain Marathon
Exhaushing, fast
Running, cheering, winning
Catching up,almost there, so close
Racing Diamante Winter
Cold white
Snowing salting building
Mittens snow ocean beach
Relaxing tanning running
Hot fun
Summer Haiku winter The leaves start to fall
The birds begin to leave town
It’s time for winter

Frost is in the air
A snowy blanket will fall
Everything is plain

Soon it starts to melt
For a while it will leave
The grass becomes green

New plants start to sprout
A new season is coming
Here to stay is spring Pick a par please don’t smoke or you’ll surely choke triangular triplet I became very mad of course not glad my dad told me I was bad who's who clerihew A man named Stan
drove a brown caravan
he stopped for a gumball
and came out wearing a shawl
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